#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Kerwin #ParanormalRomance #mmromance #CouncilAssassins #LGBT

Kerwin is out today on the eXtasy Books website! Grab your copy here right now–release day on other websites will be March 17 or 18. Kerwin is book 16 in the Council Assassins Series, and I have to say I have a soft spot for Fergus!

Can a fake start lead to a real future?

Kerwin is training to be a council assassin against his mother’s wishes, but then, he does a lot of things against his mother’s wishes. The only thing she wants for him is to marry a nice demon woman and have lots of demon babies, so when he finds himself on a surprise blind date she organized, he grabs the first cute guys he finds and tells his date he has a boyfriend.

Fergus was at the coffee shop to meet his best friend, not to play fake boyfriend—to his mate? When Kerwin leaves, Fergus panics because he hasn’t had the time to tell him they’re fated to be together, but luckily for him, his best friend knows exactly who Kerwin is. Their problems aren’t over, though.

Fergus and Kerwin are just starting to work things out when Fergus’s sister gives birth to a half demon baby she doesn’t want to keep. Fergus can’t abandon his nephew, but he also can’t be sure that Kerwin is ready to be not only a mate, but also a father. Will he have to choose between being the two?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks A Demon’s Fortune #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT #DemonRomance

A Demon’s Fortune is out today on the eXtasy Books website! It’s book 4 in the Demons Destinies series and is Lon and Tobal’s book. You can grab your copy today here, while release day for other online retailers will be March 4.

A demon’s fortune can turn at the drop of a dime.

Tobal has secrets, but doesn’t every demon? Of course, his secret is a big one since he’s the prince of Hell’s secret brother, but he doesn’t mean any harm. He never thought he’d have a chance at getting to know Berith, or that he’d ever see his foster brother again, yet here he is, living in a palace and spending time with both of them.

He just wishes people would stop trying to use him to kill Berith.

Lon knows Tobal is hiding something, but he isn’t sure what. He’s convinced it has to do with the many attacks on the prince and his family, and as head of security, it hits him hard. He has to do something, even though Berith doesn’t believe Tobal is involved.

And even though Lon finds Tobal sexy and adorable, he doesn’t want to believe he could do something like this.

When Tobal meets a shady guy in an even shadier tavern, Lon knows he was right, but when he corners Tobal, he finds out what his secret is. Tobal is involved in the attacks, but not in the way Lon thought.

No, Berith’s enemies are bigger and stronger, and it’s Lon’s job to take them on and defeat them.


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Conflicting Fangs #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #Vampire #DragonShifter

Conflicting Fangs is out today on the eXtasy Books website! It’s book 10 in the Life With Fangs series–only 5 books left in the series! I know some of you have been waiting for Alpin and Merrick’s book, so grab the book here today and enjoy! Release day on Amazon should be February 18.

A grumpy dragon and a bubbly vampire—what can go wrong?

Merrick needs Alpin to stay away from him. Alpin wants the exact opposite.

Merrick only has a few people in his life, and he’s fine with that. Being turned into a dragon shifter and vampire hybrid forcefully made him push away all vampires, but he can’t push away Alpin, no matter how hard he tries to.

Alpin won’t take no for an answer. He wants Merrick, and he always gets what he wants. Maybe it’s because he’s the youngest and more recent vampire in his family, or maybe it’s because he’s adorable and isn’t afraid of using his pretty face. It always works.

But not this time.

Merrick is too good at resisting Alpin’s charms, or maybe not. The last thing both Merrick and Alpin need is more complications, yet they can’t stay away from each other. The dragon clan is plotting, though, and they find unlikely allies who know every weak spot the pack has.

And they’re getting ready to attack.


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks A Psychic in Need #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #ShifterRomance #DragonShifter

A Psychic in Need is out today on the eXtasy Books website! This series is really fun to write, especially now that the cockatrices are coming into play, and I can’t wait to start plotting book 5! Unfortunately it’s scheduled to come out in July, so it’s not quite time yet 😅

Grab your copy of A Psychic in Need today here, and keep an eye open for the next book!

A psychic in need is a friend indeed.

York doesn’t know what he’s doing with the clan. He kidnapped a clan member, kept him under a spell, and almost killed him. Why did the clan welcome him with open arms and forgave him when he can’t forgive himself? How can they stand to look at him when he’s useless?

But maybe he doesn’t have to be.

Leo has kept an eye on York since he moved in with the clan. York kidnapped his best friend, but if Marcel can forgive him, so can Leo. The fact that York is adorably cute and vulnerable helps, and when Leo allows him in, it doesn’t take him long to start falling for him.

York wants everything the clan and Leo are offering, but he needs to give them more in return. The only thing he can think of is to go to Curt, the clan’s enemy, and attempt to fool him into giving him information.

When Curt sees right through York and locks him up, York realizes how stupid he was. He’s away from the clan, unable to free himself and completely alone.

Or is he?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Darkness Rising #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBTRomance

Darkness Rising is out on the eXtasy Books website today! It’s book 5 in the For the Gods’ Amusement series, and things are getting dangerous!

You can get the book today on the eXtasy Books website. Release day for other websites should be December 30. Happy holidays!

Darkness is rising.

Ra retired thousands of years ago, when he decided it would be safer for his pantheon and the human world. He still believes that, but a series of natural disasters pulls him away from peace. He worries that his enemy is breaking out of the underworld, and if that happens, it will mean one thing—war. Ra will do what he can to prevent that, and in the meantime, maybe it’s time for him to see what he’ll be saving.

Frey is a minor god in his pantheon, and he likes things that way. After exposing himself to Odin’s wrath by helping save Loki, he moves to Finland, hoping to find peace. He does, but he also finds Ra, one of the most powerful gods of the Egyptian pantheon, wandering around.

Frey takes Ra under his wing, but they can’t ignore what’s happening outside their corner of the world even as they fall in love. Frey is having visions of a giant snake, and Ra knows exactly who it is. Together, they’ll have to find Apophis’s ally to stop the natural disasters, but even if they do, it’ll only be the beginning of the fight.


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Clear Skies #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBTRomance #ShifterRomance #Mpreg

Clear Skies is out on the eXtasy Books website today! It’s book 11 in the Allegheny Shifters series (already??) and is Calum’s book. Neither of the main characters gets pregnant, but both Kaspar and Julian give birth, so be prepared for babies!

You can get it on the eXtasy Books website here. Release day for other online retailers should be December 16.

Clear skies always come after a storm.

Calum has been living with the badgers for months now, but he’s still an outsider, and it’s entirely his fault. His past influences how he behaves, and it’s easier to push everyone away than to allow them in and risk losing them.

Duane just left the military and is looking for a new direction. When he applies for a job as a guard in the forest where the shifters live, he doesn’t expect much, and certainly not to stumble on two guys having words in the grocery store. He steps in, acts as a fake boyfriend, and starts falling for Calum.

But Calum’s fears run deep, and Duane doesn’t know if he belongs in the forest. If those were the only problems, Duane wouldn’t doubt they could make it work, but someone in the forest is plotting something, and they might have involved humans.

The forest is in danger, as is Calum’s heart. Will Calum be able to see beyond his fears? Can Duane convince him they can have their own happily-ever-after?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks His Place in the World #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBTRomance #ShifterRomance #PegasusShifter

His Place in the World is out on the eXtasy Books website today! It’s book 9 in the Legendary Shifters series and features a pegasus shifter.

You can grab it here today in whatever format you need. Release day for other websites should be December 2.

Can everyone find their place in the world?

Angus is a Wakefield pack member, but Wakefield has never felt like home. Angus doesn’t have a home.

Until he does.

Del has recently moved to Rosewood pack territory with his family, and he’s a bit lost. His father has his younger sister, his brother has his mate, and Del feels out of place.

Then, he meets Angus, and Angus tells him they’re mates.

They’re both hesitant in their relationship, and that’s without the rest of their problems, like telling Angus’s alpha that he’s planning on moving to Rosewood permanently and finding out who’s auctioning rare shifters. Everything is a whirlwind, and Angus and Del will have to find their way to each other and their place in the world—and with the pack.


#NewRelease @eXtasy Books Trust the Heart #mmromance #LGBTRomance #ParanormalRomance #ShifterRomance

Trust the Heart is out on the eXtasy Books website today! It’s book 7 in the Seven Brothers series, which means it’s the last one 😭  I have to say it was nice to start a series knowing how many books would be in it, though. Usually, more characters continue to pop up as I write 😅 And while I’m sad to let these characters go, it frees up time in my schedule for new stuff! In this case, it’s a new Mages & Dragons series that I can’t wait to get started on.

Anyway, you can grab Trust the Heart here on the eXtasy Books website. Release day on other online retailers should be November 18.

Can you fake a relationship…with your mate?

Andy is the only one of his brothers who hasn’t met his mate yet, and he doesn’t expect it to happen anytime soon. What would be the odds? So, he’s stunned when he meets Claude and realizes he just did.

Claude had no idea what he was getting into when he agreed to go to a birthday party. He didn’t expect his boss and father figure to tell him that he, his family, and his son-in-law’s family are all shifters.

Claude has a hard time believing shifters are a thing outside romance novels, so Andy decides to wait to tell him about their bond. Then, Claude asks him to be his fake boyfriend at a work event, and Andy can’t say no. He hopes the experience will pull them together, but Claude has erected a hard shell around his heart, and he’s not about to break it down.

Claude is done with relationships, so why does he want to give in to Andy? Why is he tempted to put his heart in jeopardy once again when he swore he’d never allow another man to make him vulnerable and hurt him?

Will Andy be the one to break down Claude’s walls and convince him to trust his heart, or will he fail and find himself rejected by his mate?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Robin #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT

Robin is out on the eXtasy Books website today! It’s book 7 in the Green Hill Pride series (already?) and you can grab it here today (or wait an entire week to get it on Amazon or other online retailers 😬 ) If you’re a fan of Nysys, you’ll want to grab this book!

When something is too good to be true, it probably is.

The last thing Robin wants is to rely on the man who left him at the altar, but when he has no one else to turn to, he runs to Green Hill—and Billy. They were friends before, and he hopes he can forgive Billy and heal from the heartache, especially since he has no intention of leaving now that he’s here.

Miko’s only nineteen, way too young to meet his mate, yet there he is. Miko isn’t sure what to do with a mate, but he’s willing to give it a chance. He knows he did the right thing when the grandparents he’s never met reach out to him. They want to get to know him, but there’s a reason Miko’s father left them behind, and even though they insist they changed, it sounds too good to be true.

And maybe, it is.

But Robin is there to support Miko every step of the way, so maybe there’s some truth in the belief that mates find each other when they do for a reason.


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Hayes #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT

Hayes is out on the eXtasy Books website today! It’s book 2 in the Mutants series, and he quite literally crashes into his mate’s roof and life 😬 If you’re curious, make sure to grab your copy here today!

What do you do when love crashes through your roof?

Hayes is fine with his life, no matter what his mother thinks. He’s a mutant now, and he can’t ignore that or the fact that the labs are still a reality—a reality he and the other mutants can change. There’s no going back to his old life, and while the future feels complicated, Hayes is surrounded by friends and family and is proud of the work they do.

Rikar didn’t hesitate to welcome the mutants into his tribe. The tribe has been rescuing people from the labs for decades, and the mutants have the same goals. Plus, they needed a home, and Rikar’s small town has plenty of that.

When Rikar sees Hayes and realizes the mutant is his mate, he doesn’t know what to do. Hayes is still dealing with the consequences of what was done to him in the lab, and Rikar leads a numerous tribe.

But when Hayes crashes through Rikar’s roof, Rikar can’t avoid telling him about the bond that links them together. But as they try to work things out between them, Hayes and the mutants find a lab experimenting on children, and one of them latches onto Rikar.

Rikar wasn’t prepared for a mate and a child. Hayes wasn’t prepared for any of this. What are they supposed to do now?