#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Red Passion #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #DragonShifters #LGBT

Red Passion is out today on the eXtasy Books website! It’s book 5 in the Ogorth Clan series (already?!) and you can get it here in whatever format you read in. Release date on other online retailers should be May 20.

Three is the perfect number.

Dray is a new member of the Ogorth clan, and he doesn’t feel like he fits in just yet. Everyone’s nice, but with humans now aware that dragons have a human form, the clan is focused on dealing with that.

Nithe likes Dray, but he’s in love with his best friend, Orion. Since he’s not about to ruin his friendship with Orion, he thinks he might find love with Dray, at least until he realizes Orion likes Dray, too, and it seems like Dray might be okay with that. If Dray holds Orion’s happiness, Nithe will gladly step aside, but before he can, he and Orion are summoned by the queen.

Orion isn’t surprised when the queen calls for a meeting of clans. Humans are a danger to every dragon clan, not just theirs, and the leaders have to agree on how to deal with them. Orion doubts that can ever happen, but his queen gave an order, and he’ll obey.

Dray knows he’ll get in trouble if he follows the clan members to the meeting of clans, but he won’t stay back. He’s relieved when instead of being sent home, he’s allowed to stay, but even here, he doesn’t quite belong—not until Nithe and Orion tell him they want each other and him as well.

Nithe and Orion are busy protecting the queen from other clan leaders, but they’re not the only danger lurking in the darkness of the forest surrounding their camp. Will they be able to protect the queen, the clan, and the dragon they’ve both come to love? Will they be able to protect each other and allow the three of them to find happiness?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks As a Mule #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #ShifterRomance

As a Mule is out today on the eXtasy Books website! Grab it here in whatever format you read in. It’s book 6 in the Seven Brothers series (only one brother left 😱 ), and one of the editors said it was her favorite in the series so far so make sure to grab it!

Release day on other websites should be Friday 29.

Even someone who’s stubborn as a mule can meet their match.

Jack is prickly on his best days and an asshole on the worst ones. He loves that his brothers are finding their mates and have happy lives, but that’s not for him. Who could stand to spend more than a few minutes with him apart from his family? Besides, he doesn’t need anyone. He’s not like his brothers, and he’s fine on his own. Nothing and no one will change his mind about that.
Blair has a successful life, except for one thing—his love life. He’s used to people taking advantage of him for gifts, money, or connections, and he doesn’t expect anything different.

Until he meets his mate.

Jack and Blair are too different, and Jack knows it. He doesn’t understand why Blair can’t see it, no matter how hard he pushes Blair away. He also has trouble staying away, and when Blair invites him to a fundraising party, he can’t say no.

Can two different people work together? Or, as Jack fears, are they destined to grow apart if they attempt to have a relationship?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Like Changes #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT

Like Changes is out today on the eXtasy Books website (release on other websites will be Friday 15). It’s the last book in the Vikings series, and you can grab it here today in whatever format you read in.

Changes are coming.

Micah has been working against the conclave from the inside for decades, and the time has finally come to make a move. The problem is that the other conclave members are suspicious, and when Micah steps in to save a hero, he has to run.

Constantine left the conclave a while ago, and he never regretted it. When he’s sent to pick up Micah, whom he knows is a spy for the fallen heroes, he’s relieved to see the man isn’t hurt.

But their fight isn’t over. The end has finally come for the conclave, but the transition won’t be easy, and they have to deal with the old conclave members before a new one can take their place. Luckily, they have allies—and it’s all thanks to Micah.

Constantine is in awe of what Micah has done. The more time they spend together, the more he falls for him, and he can hardly believe it when Micah falls for him, too.

But their fight is just beginning, and the entire supernatural community is at risk. Constantine and Micah want a future together, but the possibility that one or both of them won’t make it to the end is high.

Can their love survive the last fight?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Nestor #ParanormalRomance #mmromance #Shifters

It’s release day for Nestor! It’s book 6 in the Green Hill Pride series and is Nestor’s book (of course 😅 ) I’m sure you remember Jude’s brother from Jude’s book, and you can now get his book here. Release day on other online retailer will be next Friday, April 1.

You can also already preorder As a Mule, Book 6 in the Seven Brothers series, here, and Like Changes, the last Vikings book, here.

Sometimes the only solution is to stop running.

Nestor didn’t expect much when he left his parents behind because they couldn’t accept him for who he was, but when he found his brother, he also found a new home and a family.

And now, a mate.

Nestor freaks out. His parents couldn’t accept him for who he was, and he’s terrified Jordan won’t be able to, either. The fact that his mother keeps texting and threatening him doesn’t help, and neither does having to get used to living in a new town, going to a new school, and meeting new people every day. Nestor needs to stop running, but can he?

Jordan and the Green Hill pride are finally free of their old alpha, and he’s taking advantage of it. For the first time in his life, he has a new apartment and a job, and he loves both of them. He’d also love it if his mate would talk to him instead of running every time they’re in the same room.

Nestor is only eighteen, and Jordan is just a couple of years older. They’re way too young to bond, but can they be together anyway? And can Nestor leave his past and his parents behind to focus on the future he has in Green Hill?


#New Release @eXtasyBooks Moore #mmromance #LGBT #ParanormalRomance #Shifters

Moore is out today on the eXtasy Books website! If you’ve read Jasper, you already know what the deal is with Moore and his mutants. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Moore is book 1 in the new Mutants series–what happens if some of the shifters and humans with special abilities don’t join the council?

You can get Moore today here on the eXtasy Books website. Release day on other online retailers will be Friday 18.

Sometimes you find love in the most improbable place.

Moore doesn’t want anything from the council. They weren’t there when he and his friends needed them the most, and now that they’re reaching out, he takes great pleasure in throwing that back in their faces.

At least until he realizes his mate works for them.

Jolyn knew Moore was his mate since the first moment he saw him. He kept it to himself since Moore is technically an enemy of the council, but he doesn’t know what to do.

When Moore and his people need help, he can’t avoid reaching out to the council, no matter how little he likes it. Meeting his mate, who works and lives with the council assassins, means Moore will have to play nice.

Is that possible in a world where people are still locked in cages and tortured?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Jasper #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT

Jasper is out today on the eXtasy Books website! It’s book 14 in the Council Assassins Series (already?) and you can get it here today. Release date on other online retailers will be next Friday.

Life sometimes takes, and sometimes gives.

Jasper isn’t human anymore. No one can tell exactly what was done to him by the scientists who captured him, but he’s stronger, faster, and a freaking mess.

Frazer is the best person to help Jasper deal with his new reality. He was in Jasper’s place once, and now, he’s a council assassin. They’re both human, yet not, and Frazer understands what that’s like. The fact that he’s attracted to Jasper and wants to climb him like a tree doesn’t have anything to do with it.

Really, it doesn’t.

Jasper has to face the reality of what having shifter DNA means, especially when he realizes there’s a good reason he’s so drawn to Frazer. Wrapping his mind around the fact that they’re mates is the easy part. The hard one is dealing with his new abilities.

And with the man calling himself a mutant outing the labs to the country and trying to pull Jasper into a fight he doesn’t want anything to do with.


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks A Demon’s Humanity #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT #DemonRomance

A Demon’s Humanity is out today on the eXtasy Books website! You can get it here today in whatever format you need. It’s book 2 in the Demons Destinies series.

Hell is no place for a human.

Berith is a prince of Hell, just under Lucifer himself, which means he has enemies, and a lot of them. Usually, Berith solves that problem with torture and death, but that’s not always a possibility, like when he’s gifted a human by a demon who wants to see him torn off his throne. The only thing he can do is bond the human to him so he doesn’t die. But then what?

Mel has no idea how he ended up in Hell or how he’ll go home. The only thing he knows is that Hell is no place for a human, even when that human is bonded to a prince of Hell like he is—or maybe especially so. He’s being used as a chess piece, and he doesn’t like it, but what can he do when his new owner doesn’t allow him to go home?

Mel has to learn to live in Hell, while Berith has to understand how to deal with a terrified but stubborn human. As they spend time together, they both see that maybe things will work out, but they’re still in Hell, where everyone wants everyone dead. But maybe Mel can bring a little of his humanity to Hell, change how things work, and show demons they don’t have to torture their way through life.

That is, if he survives long enough.


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Deadly Fangs #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #Vampire #Shifter

Deadly Fangs is out today! It’s book 8 in the Life with Fangs series and introduces new players–out with the dhampyrs, in with the dragons! You can grab the book today here on the eXtasy Books website. Release day on other online retailers is February 4.

A vampire’s fangs aren’t the only deadly fangs.

Baxter is on vacation, or at least, he’s supposed to be. Finding dead supernatural creatures put a wrench in that, but as soon as he finds out what’s going on, he’ll take time off.

Sloan never wanted the responsibilities of being the pack beta, but he can’t say no when his brother asks. Now, he’s in charge of the pack and on keeping it safe, which is a problem since dead vampires have started popping up close to their territory.

Someone is trying to start a war between wolves and vampires, and they might just manage. Even if they don’t, vampires and wolves are dropping like flies, killed by a new drug no one knows anything about. The danger the pack is facing is new, and more dangerous than anything they’ve ever had to deal with. 

Sloan and Baxter have each other, but will they be enough to save the pack?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks A Psychic of a Problem #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #DragonShifter #GhostsAndPsychics

A Psychic of a Problem is out today! You can grab it on the eXtasy Books website here and find out what happened to Marcel and whether or not he’s dead 😉

Release day for other online retailers will be Friday 21.

Sometimes death isn’t the end but a beginning.

Marcel is a spirit. Apparently, that doesn’t mean he’s dead, which he’s more than a little grateful for. He’s still stuck in a ghost form, though, and he has no idea what happened or how to fix it.

Will never knew he was a psychic, but it looks like he’s been seeing dead people without realizing it. Now, he does, and he’s going to use everything he can to help save Marcel, his best friend’s brother.

But no one knows what happened to Marcel or where he is. Even when they realize someone cast Marcel out of his body to steal his life energy, it doesn’t put them closer to finding him. 

They have limited time before Marcel’s life energy is gone and he dies—for real this time.


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#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Flawed Assumptions #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #Shifters #RareShifters

Flawed Assumptions is out today! It’s book 6 in the Legendary Shifters series and features a griffin shifter, which I’ve been looking forward to writing for a while!

You can get the book here on the eXtasy Books website in whatever format you need today! Release day on other online retailers will be next week.

Happy holidays!

Flawed assumptions can keep you back.

Everly is a runner. In his case, it’s a necessity since he’s a griffin shifter, and selling him on the black market could earn someone a pretty penny. But Everly doesn’t fancy being sold, so he heads to Rosewood when someone tries catching him again.

Kyle is a protector, not a lawyer or a doctor like his mother wants him to be. That’s why he signed up for the new security team his alpha put together. It’s just his luck that he’s the one to find Everly when the man walks into pack territory.

It’s not until later that they realize they’re mates.

Everly wants Rosewood to become his home, but he’s never had one, and there are still people after him. He’s been dealing with this for the past ten years, and he doesn’t need anyone to protect him.

Or maybe he does. Kyle wants Everly to stay, and Everly wants the same. Will they be able to make Rosewood safe for Everly and all the other rare shifters out there, or will they fail and lose each other?