#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks #paranormal #MM #Romance Pryderi

Pryderi is out today on the eXtasy website! It’s book 20 in the Council Enforcers Series.


Age is just a number.

Pryderi has known Nate was his mate for weeks—way too long not to tell him. But Pryderi grew up with rejection, and he isn’t sure he has the courage to possibly face it again, especially coming from the man he’s been falling in love with from afar and who represents his future. He’s not going to gain anything by watching Nate from afar, though.

Nate’s world gets upended over just a few days. First Pryderi, the cute Nix he’s noticed more than he likes to admit, tells him they’re mates, then the brother he thought was dead for the past ten years suddenly comes back with the Beasts after him. Nate isn’t sure how to deal with any of them, but Calvin has always been the center of his world, and that hasn’t changed.

Pryderi has a hard time getting through to Nate, who’s terrified of losing him like he thought he’d lost his brother. The fact that Pryderi is working undercover in Nate’s bar to try to find the last members of the Beasts still in town is making things both worse and better—and more than a little complicated.


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks #paranormal #mmromance #gayromance #vampires Perfect Fangs

Perfect Fangs is out today! It’s the third book in the Life With Fangs series, and part of the book overlaps with the events in book two–for those who wanted to know what happened when Ignatius went to investigate and came back with Oscar, this is it 🙂


Oscar didn’t expect a vampire to barrel into his life—or to fall in love with him.

Oscar hates his life, but he’s too frightened to do anything about it. The last time he did the right thing—when he freed James, the bitten werewolf accused of killing the pack’s alpha—his father whipped him, and he’s still recovering from that. He knows he won’t be able to go through that again, but when one of the conclave enforcers comes back to ask a few more questions after they arrest James, he knows he can’t keep the truth to himself, no matter how fearful he is of the consequences.

Ignatius wasn’t sure his friend Fyfe was right when he called and asked him to make sure James really was guilty of murder, but now that he’s been back with the pack interrogating witnesses again, he knows something is wrong. He gets the proof he needs when Oscar, the new alpha’s son, tells him his father is behind everything. Ignatius is alone, though, so there’s not much he can do. Alpha Becket won’t let Oscar go, but Ignatius won’t leave him behind.

He’ll never forgive himself if he does, conclave rules be damned.