#MySexySaturday week #98 Our Sexy Man

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s #MySexySaturday ‘s theme is Our Sexy Man. It’s all about the sexy men in books, and wow, choosing one (or two in my case) was hard! I chose an excerpt from Zach since the book will be coming out on July 15. I hope it shows just how sexy a protective man can be 🙂

“Where are we?” Zach straightened and looked out the window.

“Home,” Kameron answered, and Zach saw that the car was parked in front of the Alpha’s house.

Kameron disentangled himself from Zach hold, and Zach blushed. His arm had still been clutched around Kameron’s waist, exactly where he had put it while faking sleep, but it didn’t look like Kameron was very happy about it.

Zach slowly climbed out of the car, surprised to see that Kameron was still there, hovering close to him in case he needed help. It made Zach’s heart warm a bit, but it also confused the hell out of him, because he didn’t know what it meant. “So, where am I staying?” he asked when he finally got off the car.

He could go back to his parents’ house, even if he would prefer to avoid that, especially after what they had done—or not done in Ellie’s case—but there weren’t a lot of other places he could go. Maybe he could ask Duncan to take him in. He didn’t really know him, but he knew Derick, and Duncan wasn’t a complete stranger anyway.


Zach swirled around to face Kameron, groaning when his head swam a bit with the movement. Kameron was there right away, his hands on Zach’s waist to keep him upright while Zach pressed his hands on his face. “Here?”

The first  Whitedell Pride Series and the Gillham Pack Series are available on Amazon and on Extasy Books.


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#snippet 1 Keenan #shapeshifters #GLBT

It’s almost time for Keenan! I have to say I’m really nervous about this one because I know a lot of readers have been eagerly waiting for his story. I hope I did him justice 🙂 I had a hard time choosing the teasers because there were so many of them-not surprising. I mean, It is Keenan we’re talking about. And now, the first teaser!



#MySexySaturday week #97 Our Sexy Best

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s #MySexySaturday ‘s theme is Our Sexy Best, when our characters know their other half is better than all the rest, that no one can compare. The excerpt is from Ani, book 7 in the Whitedell Pride Series. I chose this book because Ani is convinced he’s not good enough and Dominic has to work to make Ani see he’s perfect for him.

“I can’t even read! How could I help you if I can’t even do that?”

Ani was aware that there were people walking around, but they left them a wide berth. Smart people.

“Baby, I don’t care about any of those things.”

Ani’s eyes shot up, and up, to meet Dominic’s. Shit, he was tiny next to the man. He was only five foot four to Dominic’s six foot six, and it made standing next to each other…interesting to say the least.

Dominic’s eyes were soft as he continued, echoing what Finn had said before. “You’re not used. Leold raped you, you didn’t want any of the things he did to you, and I don’t care about what happened with him. I’ll be the first one to make love to you if you’ll let me, and it’s the only thing I care about.”

“Let’s say I believe that. Even then, I’m still not good enough to be the Alpha mate.”

Dominic placed a small kiss on Ani’s nose, startling him. “You can learn how to read and anything else you want to learn. I’ll help you as much as I can, or you could ask Connie since she’s the one who helps the kids here. You can do anything you want if you put your mind on it, baby, and if you feel that it’s still not enough, I’ll stop being an Alpha.”

The first  books in the Whitedell Pride Series are available on Amazon and on Extasy Books.


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