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Inescapable is out today! It’s book one in a new series featuring gods from several pantheons. I started with the Egyptian gods because I’ve always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt, but there’s also a peek of Loki (who will probably have book 3).

You can get the book on the eXtasy Books website here. It should be out on Amazon early next week!

Duty can be inescapable for everyone, even a god.

Sed might be a god, but that doesn’t mean he wants to live as one. That’s why he left his family years ago, and why he’s not looking forward to going back. The only reason he agrees is that as the protector of kingship, he’s needed to help the new king go through his coronation ceremony. Once that’s over, Sed has every intention of going home.

Mery never wanted or expected to be king. But he’s a descendant of the old pharaohs, and agreeing to sit on the throne means helping his family, so he doesn’t hesitate. Being king isn’t quite what he expected, though, and he suspects something is happening he doesn’t know about.

Once Sed gets to know Mery, he knows he can’t just leave as soon as the crown is on his head. Someone is plotting and trying to manipulate Mery, and Sed can’t abandon him when he needs him most.

The fact that he’s falling in love with Mery complicates everything.

Mery is the new king, while Sed is a god, albeit a minor one. Will Sed be able to keep him safe, or will they both lose everything they’d never thought they’d have?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Perfectly Imperfect #LGBT #ParanormalRomance #mmromance

Perfectly Imperfect, book 8 in the Allegheny Shifters series, is out today on the eXtasy Books website! You can get it here in whatever format you read in. It should be out on Amazon and other online retailers next Friday.

Life is never perfect—or easy.

When Josiah agreed to become the coyote alpha, he knew it was a bad idea, and he was right. No matter how hard he tries, the band doesn’t respect him, and he doesn’t know how to change that. With humans sticking their noses all over the forest, he has to solve that problem, but how?

Luther might be in the forest to keep an eye on the shifters who live here, but that doesn’t mean he’s enjoying it. He has to follow orders, even when he disagrees with them, which in this case, he does. Shifters shouldn’t be locked up, and they should have the same rights as humans.

Josiah doesn’t know why Luther seems so interested in him, but he can’t chalk it up to Luther doing his job for long. When it becomes obvious there’s more between them, Josiah tries to keep his distance, because Luther is human, and eventually, he’ll leave.

But Luther doesn’t want to leave. He’s in love with Josiah and will do pretty much anything for him, including trying to find a way to be allowed to stay.

Luther’s superior has plans, though, and there’s still a shooter on the loose in the forest. Then there’s Josiah’s problem with the band, which he knows will become worse once they find out he’s pregnant. Can Josiah and Luther find a way to make things work, even an imperfect one, or are they doomed to be wrenched apart by circumstances?


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The German translation of Easy to Love, book 2 in the Allegheny Shifters series, is out today on Amazon! You can find Einfach Zu Lieben here, both on sale and on KU.

If you haven’t read book 1 yet, Unerwarteter Ausgang is available here.

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