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Lost and Found is out today! It’s book 4 in the Legendary Shifters series and features Lennox, Casey’s silent phoenix twin! You can get it here on the eXtasy Books website. Preorder on Amazon should be up on Monday.

A baby lost—a man found.

Lennox is a silent protector. He’s more than happy to let his twin do the talking, but in this case, he can’t, because he’s met his mate, and he’s the only one who can get to know Owen—which might be hard, because even Owen doesn’t know himself.

Owen was adopted into the Springfield pack, but he never belonged. While he wasn’t abused, his father made sure he knew he wasn’t loved and that he knew something was wrong with him. He doesn’t know what that something is, but it has to do with shifting, which he was forbidden to do.

Between Lennox and his new home, Owen finds the strength to go against his adoptive father’s will and shifts. Instead of the monster he expected, he shifts into a special kind of wolf—a dire wolf.

But dire wolf shifters are said to be extinct, and if they aren’t, how did Owen end up in Springfield?


#newrelease @eXtasyBooks Blue Fire #dragon #shifters #mmromance #LGBT #enemiestolovers

Blue Fire is out today! It’s the first book in the new Ogorth Clan series. If you like dragon shifters, enemies to lovers, and forced proximity, this book is for you 🐲 You can buy it here and download it in whichever format you read in, or if you prefer Amazon, keep an eye out for it next week!

Blake never knew that dragons could turn into humans, so how does he end up falling in love with one?

Blake acts on instinct when he steals a dragon egg from his boss. He’s never done anything that stupid, and now, he’s in trouble, both with humans and dragons.

Especially with the dragon that captures him.

But Orran is not merely a dragon. He’s also a beautiful man, and Blake is stuck with him—and with a baby dragon after the egg hatches.

Blake’s boss isn’t done with him or with the baby, which means Blake has to gain Orran’s trust and convince him to take him with him. He has nothing to go back to in the city except death if his boss catches him. Death might still find him if he leaves with Orran, but he has nothing to lose.

Or does he?