Demons Destinies Series

This series is a spin-off of the Demons Hearts series, but you don’t have to read the Demons Hearts books to read this one.

1.A Demon’s Future

What are you supposed to do when changes barge into your cave?

Esau doesn’t deal with other demons, and he certainly doesn’t deal with children—except apparently when they run in his home after being kidnapped. Esau has no idea what to do with the little girl, but he won’t allow the demons after her to hurt her, even if it means he has to leave his home and make the one-week trek to the closest portal to the human realm.

Lazarus just wanted to visit his best friend in the human realm, so how did he end up saddled with a childhood friend he hasn’t talked to in decades, plus a child? He can’t abandon Esau and Cyarea, no matter how much he doesn’t want the complications they bring in his life.

As the three of them travel toward the portal, circumstances bring them together. Will Esau and Lazarus manage to find Cyarea’s parents? And whether they can or not, what will it mean for the feelings growing between them?


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2. A Demon’s Humanity

Hell is no place for a human.

Berith is a prince of Hell, just under Lucifer himself, which means he has enemies, and a lot of them. Usually, Berith solves that problem with torture and death, but that’s not always a possibility, like when he’s gifted a human by a demon who wants to see him torn off his throne. The only thing he can do is bond the human to him so he doesn’t die. But then what?

Mel has no idea how he ended up in Hell or how he’ll go home. The only thing he knows is that Hell is no place for a human, even when that human is bonded to a prince of Hell like he is—or maybe especially so. He’s being used as a chess piece, and he doesn’t like it, but what can he do when his new owner doesn’t allow him to go home?

Mel has to learn to live in Hell, while Berith has to understand how to deal with a terrified but stubborn human. As they spend time together, they both see that maybe things will work out, but they’re still in Hell, where everyone wants everyone dead. But maybe Mel can bring a little of his humanity to Hell, change how things work, and show demons they don’t have to torture their way through life.

That is, if he survives long enough.


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3. A Demon’s Opportunity

Sometimes, the only choice is the one impossible to make.

Sabin loathes the desert, which makes living in Hell the opposite of fun. Luckily for him, he can void the sand and the heat as long as he stays in the palace, and with as much work as he does for Berith, he’s not planning on leaving anytime soon.

Until Berith orders him to.

Zeno is a loner, and for good reason. He’s known as The Mercenary, and he’s Hell’s bogeyman. People are afraid of him, and he’s fine with that because it means they leave him alone.

But when Zeno stumbles on a convoy attacked by a group of demons, he stupidly decides to step in. He ends up saddled with pretty palace boy Sabin and agrees to take him back to the palace—for a prize, of course.

Neither of them expects to fall for the other, but they soon realize it’s not impossible. What is impossible is for them to find a way to make things work between them. Sabin belongs in the palace, while Zeno belongs to the desert.

How can they be together?


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4. A Demon’s Fortune

A demon’s fortune can turn at the drop of a dime.

Tobal has secrets, but doesn’t every demon? Of course, his secret is a big one since he’s the prince of Hell’s secret brother, but he doesn’t mean any harm. He never thought he’d have a chance at getting to know Berith, or that he’d ever see his foster brother again, yet here he is, living in a palace and spending time with both of them.

He just wishes people would stop trying to use him to kill Berith.

Lon knows Tobal is hiding something, but he isn’t sure what. He’s convinced it has to do with the many attacks on the prince and his family, and as head of security, it hits him hard. He has to do something, even though Berith doesn’t believe Tobal is involved.

And even though Lon finds Tobal sexy and adorable, he doesn’t want to believe he could do something like this.

When Tobal meets a shady guy in an even shadier tavern, Lon knows he was right, but when he corners Tobal, he finds out what his secret is. Tobal is involved in the attacks, but not in the way Lon thought.

No, Berith’s enemies are bigger and stronger, and it’s Lon’s job to take them on and defeat them.


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