Standalones with eXtasy Books

Kicking Snowmen


Sometimes Christmas brings more presents than we expected.

Giorgio usually does a good job of staying away from his family. He loves them, but they can be a bit much even for him, and he likes his independence. There’s no way he can get out of a family Christmas, though, no matter how much he’d like to.
Holden really shouldn’t have told his parents he was gay just before the break. They didn’t take it well, and he’d have spent Christmas on his own in his dorm room if his best friend, Leo, hadn’t invited him to go home with him.
The last thing Giorgio expects from Christmas with his family is meeting a guy he’s attracted to. Giorgio finds himself drawn to Holden. Can he really risk hooking up with a man ten years younger than him? A man who is Giorgio’s youngest brother’s best friend? What will happen to their family Christmas when feelings get in the way?

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Home Is Where You Are


Love is stronger than our differences, even the big ones—like having a tail.

Ari is a merman who lives near Muir Beach, California. When he saves his only human friend from drowning, his existence becomes public knowledge, and he’s taken away from his home to be used as an attraction in an Orlando aquatic park.

Theo Delaney is human, and as soon as he finds out about the merman, he’s fascinated by him. He visits the park and decides Ari isn’t a fish like the park’s owner is trying to convince everyone. When one of the park workers tells him he’s going to try to free the merman, Theo wants in, and he’s the one who drives Ari back to California.

He hadn’t expected to fall in love in the process, though. How can he, a human man, and Ari, a merman, be together?

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More than Meets the Eye (part of the Divorced Divas collection)


There’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to people.

Sidney has been divorced for a year, and he’s still learning to navigate life as a single man. He could do without his cousin’s help, especially when that help comes in the form of a hired escort—the prettiest man Sidney has ever seen.

Gairn had no idea what he was agreeing to when he accepted this job. In just a few minutes, he finds himself in a fake relationship with Sidney, who has to give his ex-wife Alba an explanation of who Gairn is before she makes assumptions.

Sidney and Gairn like each other, but can they work as a real couple? The obstacles are daunting—Gairn’s job as an escort, Sidney’s wariness and trust issues, and Alba’s reaction if she finds out what Gairn does to put himself through college.

Will Sidney and Gairn manage to beat the odds and find happiness together? Or will they crash and burn before even having a chance to explore their newfound relationship?

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Love for Christmas (short)


Two lonely men, a snowstorm, and a lost cat—what can go wrong…or right?

Jude isn’t hiding. No, the only reason he decided to spend the holidays in the isolated family cabin is that he wants time to think about his failed marriage and what’s next for him. He hadn’t expected the guy next door to come looking for his cat, and he certainly hadn’t expected the guy to know him.

Rupert’s cat, Clawdia, snuck out into the snowstorm, and there’s no way Rupert can leave her out there. When he knocks on his neighbor’s door, he’s stunned to find out he knows him—Jude’s the guy Rupert had a crush on in high school.

With Clawdia safe and a snowstorm raging outside, Jude and Rupert will have the time to get to know each other, and maybe they won’t be as alone at Christmas as they’d thought.

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A Blessing in Disguise is a short in the Love at Stake anthology.


Being turned into a vampire is a malediction—or a blessing in disguise.
Dryden lost everything in the late 1800s when he sacrificed himself for the man he loved—his freedom, his lover, his humanity. He’s been a prisoner and a slave since then, and he knows there’s no way out of it except death. The man who turned him won’t let him die, though, and Dryden can’t see another way out.

Morgan has been looking for Dryden ever since he volunteered to take Morgan’s place for punishment after he robbed a powerful vampire. He knew Dryden was turned into a vampire, so he did the same. He and his maker, Silvester, have been drifting around following leads since then.

And now they’ve finally found Dryden.

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Hopping to Happiness


A lonely man, a sweet boy, and a rabbit…shifter?

Bryce is a rabbit shifter recently kicked out of his nest because he’s gay. Not the best way to start a life on his own, especially when he’s caught and brought to an animal shelter. He supposes it’s better than becoming rabbit stew, but still. He wants to be free.

Then in comes the boy.

Jess’ son Taylor wants a pet, and for some reason, he picks the angriest rabbit Jess has ever seen. Jess isn’t sure it’s a good idea, but they bring Thumper home, and the rabbit settles down.

Then Jess wakes up to find a naked stranger standing in his living room.

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Have a Foxy Christmas


Will Christmas be ruined this year?

Thierry isn’t a chicken shifter—he’s a French hen shifter. He won’t let anyone call him a chicken, not even if the person doing it is a gorgeous man who saved him from a vicious attack. Okay, maybe not so vicious, since the fox who tried to eat Thierry was the man’s five-year-old niece, but still. Bishop is as infuriating as he is kiss-worthy, and Thierry isn’t planning on talking to him ever again.

And he doesn’t, until he tells his mother Bishop is his boyfriend and that he’ll bring him home for Christmas.

Bishop knows where he went wrong with Thierry, so when they meet again because Thierry’s car breaks down, he apologizes. He might enjoy getting a rise out of the gorgeous man, but he doesn’t want Thierry to hate him.

Apparently, Thierry doesn’t, since he told his mother they were dating.

They aren’t, although Bishop can easily imagine them together, even though he shouldn’t. He promised his sister he would always take care of her when their parents died, and he hasn’t changed his mind.

Is there space for Bishop’s sister, his niece, and Thierry in his life—and in his heart? Or will Bishop have to choose and possibly ruin Christmas for everyone, including himself?

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2 thoughts on “Standalones with eXtasy Books

  1. Mi è piaciuto molto The Raven Flight e non ho capito bene se sarà una nuova serie. Lo stile è quello inconfondibile e bellissimo dell’autrice, anche se la parte hot è molto più soft. Una lettura veramente molto gradevole praticamente regalata, visto che il prezzo è anche molto basso.

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