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A Psychic in Need is out today on the eXtasy Books website! This series is really fun to write, especially now that the cockatrices are coming into play, and I can’t wait to start plotting book 5! Unfortunately it’s scheduled to come out in July, so it’s not quite time yet 😅

Grab your copy of A Psychic in Need today here, and keep an eye open for the next book!

A psychic in need is a friend indeed.

York doesn’t know what he’s doing with the clan. He kidnapped a clan member, kept him under a spell, and almost killed him. Why did the clan welcome him with open arms and forgave him when he can’t forgive himself? How can they stand to look at him when he’s useless?

But maybe he doesn’t have to be.

Leo has kept an eye on York since he moved in with the clan. York kidnapped his best friend, but if Marcel can forgive him, so can Leo. The fact that York is adorably cute and vulnerable helps, and when Leo allows him in, it doesn’t take him long to start falling for him.

York wants everything the clan and Leo are offering, but he needs to give them more in return. The only thing he can think of is to go to Curt, the clan’s enemy, and attempt to fool him into giving him information.

When Curt sees right through York and locks him up, York realizes how stupid he was. He’s away from the clan, unable to free himself and completely alone.

Or is he?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Darkness Rising #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBTRomance

Darkness Rising is out on the eXtasy Books website today! It’s book 5 in the For the Gods’ Amusement series, and things are getting dangerous!

You can get the book today on the eXtasy Books website. Release day for other websites should be December 30. Happy holidays!

Darkness is rising.

Ra retired thousands of years ago, when he decided it would be safer for his pantheon and the human world. He still believes that, but a series of natural disasters pulls him away from peace. He worries that his enemy is breaking out of the underworld, and if that happens, it will mean one thing—war. Ra will do what he can to prevent that, and in the meantime, maybe it’s time for him to see what he’ll be saving.

Frey is a minor god in his pantheon, and he likes things that way. After exposing himself to Odin’s wrath by helping save Loki, he moves to Finland, hoping to find peace. He does, but he also finds Ra, one of the most powerful gods of the Egyptian pantheon, wandering around.

Frey takes Ra under his wing, but they can’t ignore what’s happening outside their corner of the world even as they fall in love. Frey is having visions of a giant snake, and Ra knows exactly who it is. Together, they’ll have to find Apophis’s ally to stop the natural disasters, but even if they do, it’ll only be the beginning of the fight.