#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Everything he Needs #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT #ShifterRomance

Everything he Needs is out today on the eXtasy Books website! It’s book 9 in the Allegheny Shifters series and is Raven and Turner’s story. You can grab it here today in whatever format you usually read in. The book should be out on other online retailers’ websites next week.

Belated happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it!

What if you already have everything you need but can’t see it?

Turner has only one thing on his mind—killing the man who chained him and made his life hell. The problem is that Turner can’t exactly announce what he’s up to, and he can’t ask for help, even though he sorely needs it. He can only continue training and hope it won’t take him years to get his hands on Alpha Rhodes.

Raven was there when Turner was rescued, and he cares about the man. When his alpha’s son asks him to check in on Turner, he can’t say no. When his alpha asks him to train Turner and keep an eye on him because he knows what Turner is up to, his answer is still yes.

Neither of them expected to fall in love.

Turner can’t afford to focus on Raven, and Raven can’t allow Turner to kill anyone. Is their relationship doomed, or will they be able to find their way through the anger and need for revenge and realize they already have everything they need—each other?


#NewRelease Have a Hellish, Lousy Christmas #LGBT #ChristmasRomance #ParanormalRomance

Have a Hellish, Lousy Christmas is out today! It’s only available on Amazon, both on sale ad on Kindle Unlimited. And if you haven’t read Satan Claus is Coming to Town, it’s available for free until tomorrow!

Have a Hellish, Lousy Christmas

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Satan Claus is Coming to Town

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Michael’s Christmas will be a hellish, lousy one.

The Archangel Michael is used to being admired and treated with reverence. Everyone loves him, as they should since he’s an archangel.

But his brothers don’t.

When Satan catches Michael spying on him as a cat, he makes it so that Michael can’t shift back. He wants Michael to learn a lesson, but since Michael can’t change what is already perfection, he needs someone to take care of him and convince Satan to allow him to change back.

Presley didn’t know what he was in for when he found an abandoned cat. Everything was fine—until the cat started talking. Now Presley is stuck with an archangel who thinks too much of himself and who’s making a mess out of his life.

If Michael wants to turn back to human, he’ll have to show his brother he’s changed. Presley can’t wait for that to happen, but he has his doubts Michael realizes what’s wrong. It shouldn’t be his job to make it happen, but if he doesn’t, he risks being stuck with the maddening archangel.

Hopefully, Presley will be able to show Michael the errors of his ways, and maybe, just maybe, Michael will change. If he doesn’t, he won’t be the only one to have a lousy Christmas.


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Purple Flame #ParanormalRomance #mmromance #LGBT #DragonShifter

Purple Flame is out today! It’s book 4 in the Ogorth Clan series and is Slavin’s story. You can get it here today in whatever format you read in. The book will be out on other online retailers next week.

Sometimes the only way out is to trust someone you’d never thought you could.

After arresting the queen’s cousin, Slavin thinks the clan is finally safe. Unfortunately, that only lasts until the queen asks him to spy on the Eiloren clan and find out what their king is planning. Slavin can’t say no to the queen.

Dagan never wanted to be a guard, especially not for the king, but in the Eiloren clan, no one chooses what they do with their life. When the king demands that Dagan’s brother get pregnant, Dagan knows he can’t let that happen, but what can he do?

Slavin doesn’t have much time before someone will discover he’s spying on the Eiloren clan, and Dagan needs to find a solution as soon as possible. Maybe they can work together, but can Dagan trust a man he thinks is working against his queen? Can Slavin trust Dagan with who he really is?