#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Xander

This week has been hectic–my son ‘graduated’ preschool and my brother is in town. He lives in Israel and I hadn’t seen him for six years, so we spent time together–and I forgot to write a blog post for Xander’s release yesterday  🙂

Xander is book 15 in the Council Enforcers Series.

How can you trust anyone when you don’t trust yourself?

Xander has been told he’s too big all his life, first by his mother before she left when he was nine, then by everyone else. At six feet eight, he knows that’s true, and it makes for a lonely life when most of the guys he likes are afraid he’ll hurt them. He doesn’t need love, though, and he’s focused on his friends and his job as a council enforcer.

Muirgeh is the leader of the Chardon tribe, and he wants out. He never wanted to rule, but he had no choice when his parents died. He’s retiring, though, or at least he would if he could find someone to take his place. Several tribe members are jockeying for the job, and some of them are going too far, threatening him until he has no choice but to call in the council.

Neither man expected to meet his mate, and they have so much to deal with that their relationship stays on the back burner, at least in the beginning. Between the threats against Muirgeh, his need to find an heir, and Xander’s mother coming back into his life, they’ll have to rely on each other—or lose their chance at a relationship.



#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Family

Surprise! As some of you might know, I have three releases this month–Fresh Starts, which came out on June 8, Xander, which will come out on June 22, and Family, a short set in the Whitedell/Gillham universe that comes out today as part of the Extasy’s summer shorts category! I know people (including me) have missed Keenan and Nysys, and while there isn’t a lot of Nysys in this book, he is there 🙂


Sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself.

It’s vacation time for Keenan and his family, and like every year since they adopted her, he and Jonah are taking their daughter Kaila to Gillham to visit old friends. His vacation is interrupted by work, though, when he’s sent to retrieve a baby boy who’s been abandoned.

Keenan places Miles with Rabbit, Elton, and Samuel, while his colleague looks for a family, but Rabbit still insists he doesn’t like children. Will he change his mind, or will Keenan have to take Miles away, breaking Elton and Samuel’s heart in the process?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Fresh Starts

Fresh Starts, book 5 in the Free Shifters series, is out today! It signs a shift in direction for this series, with shifters finally being given rights and everything, so you don’t want to miss it!


You have to let go of the past to have a fresh start.

Robbie has been spending a lot of time with the shifters hiding in the mountain since his best friend Vaughn moved there. That means he’s also been spending a lot of time with Scott, one of the alphas. He likes Scott, but he’s convinced nothing can happen between them. As an alpha, Scott deserves so much better. Besides, with several cases of shifters wanting more rights being brought in front of the Supreme Court, they have other things to focus on.

Scott doesn’t know why Robbie is pushing him away. He can tell it’s not because he doesn’t want him, though, so he decides to push a little. He knows it was the right decision when Robbie starts opening up, and when the construction of the first shifter-human town in the state begins, he volunteers both of them to help.

Robbie and Scott try to live with each other and with the self-esteem issues Robbie’s ex caused when he left him. But not everyone wants shifters to be free, and between the protestors picketing outside the new town and the traitor inside it trying to stop construction, they’re going to have to trust each other, no matter their problems.