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As many of you know, Kir came out last Friday. You can buy it on the Extasy website http://www.extasybooks.com/kir/ and preorder it on Amazon (release day July 29) https://www.amazon.com/Kir-Gillham-Pack-Book-14-ebook/dp/B01IYMRPTO


As for the next Whitedell and Gillham books, the release dates are: Benjamin on August 12 (available for preorder on Extasy Books http://www.extasybooks.com/benjamin/ ), Iggy on August 26, Noem on September 9, Dallas on September 23, and Aeron, the final Whitedell book, on October 14. They will be available for preorder a few weeks before release day.


Kir #releaseday

Kir, book 14 in the Gillham Pack series, will be out tomorrow. You can still preorder it and get it a few hours earlier 🙂 http://www.extasybooks.com/kir/

Letting people in is never easy, but sometimes you have to in order to be happy.

Kir is one of the exotic shifters rescued by Craig. He never went home, choosing to stay with the Gillham pack, but he never really integrated himself into the pack. He wanted to make sure the pack wouldn’t betray him like his skulk had. He took his time to observe, and he finally decided it was time to make friends.

Quinn knows he’s a prickly bastard. He’s had to hide behind that façade for most of his life, and now he can’t step out from behind it, not that he wants to. It feels safer to keep most people at arm’s length. He didn’t expect to find his mate when Kameron called him and Malik to help with the rival council, though, and he knows Kir is probably the only one who can wiggle his way into his heart if he lets his guard down.

Kir does his best to get under Quinn’s shell, but when the man punches him and tells him to stay away, he gets the message, even though he still hopes he’ll be able to change Quinn’s mind. He knows he has a great opportunity when Kameron assigns him as a bodyguard for Quinn, but will he be able to protect Quinn and make him fall in love with him? Will Quinn finally let someone in, or will he stay safely ensconced in his hard shell?


The crowd in the living room shifted, and Kir noticed someone walking toward him. He didn’t have to see the guy’s face to know it was Corbin. His costume made it obvious.

Kir chuckled. Corbin was wearing a dark gray costume with a hood and fur bits on his arms and his left shoulder. His right shoulder was covered with a metal piece, its ties running around Corbin’s torso and holding a blade behind his back. Red fabric was wrapped around his waist, along with a belt.

Corbin stopped in front of Kir and peered at him from under the hood.

“Assassin’s Creed? Really?” Kir asked.

Corbin shrugged with his fur-covered shoulder. “Jago thought it was fitting.”

“It is. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one but me wants to talk to you tonight, though. The costume isn’t helping your harmless image.”

Corbin crossed his arms on his chest. “That’s because I’m not harmless, not because I’m dressed like this.”

“Oh, did I offend you? I didn’t mean to.”

Corbin punched Kir’s shoulder. He didn’t put much force in it, but it stung anyway, and Kir made a mental note to wait until Corbin was too far away to hit him before making fun of him next time.

“Where is he?” Corbin asked.

“Where’s who?”

“Your mate.”

Kir arched a brow. He hadn’t been aware people knew about him and Quinn. “What do you mean?”

Corbin pushed his hood down and mirrored Kir’s expression. It was something he did quite often, almost like he wasn’t sure what expressions went with the feelings he had. He was trying, but sometimes the results were funny, and sometimes they were just plain creepy.

“I’m talking about the small council member.”

Kir groaned and looked around to make sure Quinn wasn’t anywhere where he could have heard Corbin. Kir hadn’t seen him since he’d run off, but he wanted to be sure before Quinn decided to stomp all over Corbin. Kir wasn’t sure who would win.

“Quinn,” he said, hoping Corbin would never again use the word small to describe Quinn.

“That’s his name?”


“So where is he?”

“Eh. Around, I think.”

“Why isn’t he with you?”

“Probably because he hates my guts.”

Corbin narrowed his eyes. “He does? Because I can—”

“Kill him for me, I know. Thanks, but no.”

“Why does he hate you?”

Kir sighed. “I’m not sure if it’s hate or something milder, but yeah, he doesn’t seem to like me much.”

“But why? You’re nice, and you’re hot. I mean, I’d have sex with you if I wasn’t already mated to Jago.”

Kir closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again. “Thanks, Corbin. I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

Corbin nodded. “It was.”

“Great. So, I don’t know why he doesn’t like me, but it’s not going to stop me from trying to break through, don’t worry.”


André #Excerpt

Book 22 in the Whitedell Pride Series, André, will be out tomorrow. You might want to reread Ani before you get to this one, because that’s where Nicky makes his first appearance 🙂

You can still preorder André on the Extasy Books website. If you do, you’ll be able to download it a few hours early!  http://www.extasybooks.com/André/

Sometimes we punish ourselves more heavily than anyone else could.

 André is used to shifters. He considers Dominic Nash, the Whitedell pride alpha, like an older brother, and loves spending time with the pride. He’s not looking for a mate, even though he hopes he has one somewhere.

Nicky was abandoned by his pride when he lost the challenge for Dominic’s council seat the year before. He refused Dominic’s offer to stay with the pride and become a member, and instead fled to the human world, where he works in a bar. The last thing he expects is for his mate to be the pretty man who walks into the bar and gets drunk.

When André isn’t able to go back to the mansion on his own, Nicky decides to drive him there. He doesn’t know how the pride will greet him, and once André is safe, he flees. André is his mate, though, and he feels drawn to the mansion. He needs to keep André safe, and if that means making the pride’s battles his own, Nicky will do it eagerly, even if it means going against human hunters when they attack.


“Can you all shut up? I’m trying to watch a movie,” Nysys grumbled.

André looked at him. “Really? And here I thought you were trying to suck Morin’s tonsils out.”

Nysys scowled. “I wasn’t. He doesn’t have them anymore, so I can’t suck them out.”

“You seemed to enjoy trying, though.”

“Yeah, okay, but now I want to look at the sexy men on TV.”

“You don’t need to hear them to do that.”

“Shut up and make out with your mate.”

André snorted, but he did stop talking to Nysys. He could still talk to Nicky without disturbing Nysys too much, though. “See?” he said, leaning closer to Nicky. “I told you no one cared.”

Nicky slowly nodded. “It’s hard to believe, but yeah, I see.”

“No one holds anything against you.” André hoped seeing Delevan and the others welcome him so openly would help Nicky get over his guilt and his self-hatred. André understood where it came from, and he knew it would take more than a dinner for Nicky to let it go, but Nicky couldn’t continue spending his life like a hermit.

“I’m beginning to believe that.”

“Jeesh, guys,” Nysys said. “Get a grip, will you? You’re starting to sound mushy.”

André wasn’t sure whether he was talking to him and Nicky or to the guys on TV, but before he could ask, Nicky leaned forward and asked, “Around your neck?”

He paused, his eyes widening as he realized what he’d said. Nysys blinked at him, then started laughing, and Nicky relaxed next to André.

“You’re funny,” Nysys said. “I wouldn’t have thought, but you are. Nice one.”

Morin leaned close to Nysys. “Weren’t you the one who wanted to watch the movie and told them to shut up?”

“Yeah, but he made a joke. Did you hear that?”

“I did.”

“Right. You’re no fun, mister.”

Morin grinned. “I don’t think you really think that. You didn’t last night anyway.”

“That’s because you had your dick in my—”

Morin slapped a hand on Nysys’ mouth and smiled at André and Nicky. “Sorry. I’ll make sure he stops talking from now on.” He moved his hand away and Nysys opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Morin kissed him. Nysys moaned, and André inched close to Nicky, because damn if that didn’t give him ideas.

“Do you think they’ll go farther than kissing?” he asked in a whisper.