Mayport Pack

1. A Better Life

The actions of one person can save many.

Theo is the alpha of a homeless pack. He does his best, but in a world where most of the country belongs to powerful packs, it’s not easy to find a corner to settle down with his nine pack members. It’s especially not easy when they’re different shifters, which is one more people don’t trust them and run them out of town as soon as they’re found out.

When Chance is told new shifters have arrived in Mayport, he has to act. As the alpha, he needs to stand strong against the shifters invading his territory, especially when one of them can turn into a dragon.

But these shifters aren’t dangerous, and they’re not invading Chance’s pack territory. They’re young and frightened and looking for a home, and the haunted eyes of their alpha makes Chance extend a proposition—they can stay with his pack until they’re back on their feet.

As time passes, both Chance and Theo hope Theo’s pack will stay. That means things will change, because there can’t be two alphas for one pack. Chance can’t give up his position. Can Theo? Or will he follow his pack members who might decide to leave? And if they stay, can Chance’s pack accept them?


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2. Where He Belongs

Everyone wants to find a place where they belong.

Houston’s had a crush on Dustin since the first time he saw him, even though Dustin was a massive dragon when that happened. Since then, Dustin has shifted back to his human form, and Houston’s crush is getting worse. When Houston wants something, he doesn’t shy away from trying to get it, and he wants Dustin.

Dustin doesn’t understand why Houston is so fascinated with him, but he wishes he’d stop trying to talk to him. He’s running from his father, and the last thing he wants is for the clan to find him and threaten the pack.

But Houston knows how to wiggle his way into Dustin’s heart, and he does so happily. When Dustin’s father finally comes for him, Dustin can’t run like he’d been planning to. He didn’t expect the pack to stand up for him against his father, but maybe he should have.

Even though it’s not enough to stop his father.


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