Allegheny Shifters series

This series contains Mpreg.

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Allegheny Shifters Bundle 1

In a world where shifters are confined to areas humans have chosen for them, the Allegheny forest is home for many different kinds–bears, badgers, coyotes… It’s not easy for them to live together, which is why they created a council that makes laws and operates to keep the peace–or at least, that’s what it’s supposed to do. There are still rivalries, though, especially when it comes to how the carriers, a special kind of male shifter who can get pregnant, are treated.

Shifters have nowhere to go, and abuse is rampant in several of the groups that live in the forest. Something needs to be done, and the first step to make it happen is to tilt the council majority the right way. Only then will everyone in the forest be protected.
It’s easier said than done, though.

Unexpected Outcome Book 1
Easy To Love Book 2
Beacon In The Darkness Book 3


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1.Unexpected Outcome

In a world where shifters are relegated to only a few areas of the country, life isn’t easy for everyone.

Levi is a badger shifter, an alpha’s son, and a carrier. The fact that he can get pregnant is a secret, and his family risks a lot by keeping it. He needs to find a husband and get married as soon as he can if he doesn’t want the council to take him and make that decision for him. He agrees to meet Dimitri Marson, the son of the bear alpha. Dimitri is the best candidate for Levi’s cete, but when Levi meets him, he realizes he’s not for him.

Dimitri doesn’t understand why Levi pushes him away. They might not be in love, but they both know getting married is what’s best for the sleuth and the cete, and for Levi. Besides, Dimitri is handsome and rich, something anyone would want. Right?

When his mother points out how much of an idiot he’s been, Dimitri tries to make amends. Levi gives him a second chance, but their union might end before it even starts. Someone is trying to kill Dimitri, and they’re not stopping for anything.

Will Dimitri manage to save himself? And if he does, will Levi really give him another chance to show him they really can work well together?


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2.Easy to Love

Can a marriage of convenience become a marriage of love?

Joel has known he would have to make a choice since he was a teenager—marriage or putting himself in the hands of the council that rules the shifters who live in the Allegheny forest. He’s running out of time, his twenty-fifth birthday is only weeks away, and he has to find someone to marry before then. His choice almost naturally falls on Eddie, the best friend of the man his brother married the year before.

Eddie has had his eye on Joel for months, ever since he first met him. He never expected Joel to choose him as a husband, not when he could have anyone he wants. Eddie hasn’t planned for an arranged marriage to take over his life, but once he realizes Joel has chosen him, he doesn’t hesitate to propose.

Joel and Eddie rush into a marriage neither of them wanted. Will it be enough to keep the council away? Will they be able to make it work and be happy even though love isn’t what brought them together?


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3.Beacon in the Darkness

Sometimes you have to let yourself be happy even in the darkest of times.

Seamus has been living with the Steele family since they rescued him from his uncle’s basement. He’s in love with Alex, but he’s sure Alex only sees him as a third brother. Besides, even if he didn’t, he’s the heir to the cete’s leadership, and Seamus can’t imagine he’d want him by his side once he becomes alpha.

Alex’s world was easy, or at least relatively easy, until the council that governs the shifters in the Allegheny forest passed a new law—all the carriers, no matter their age, have to be handed over to them. Alex’s father makes the decision of renovating the Bishop house, a house deep in cete territory, where the carriers will be safe. The first to move there is of course Seamus, the man Alex loves.

More needs to be done, though. While everyone is working on finding dirt on the council members, on keeping the carriers free and safe, and on finding the two teenage carriers who’ve been taken, Alex and Seamus try working out their relationship. Things aren’t easy, though. Seamus won’t be safe until the council is on their side again, and no one knows when that will happen.

But Alex will make sure it does, even if he has to kill for that to happen.


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4.Family of the Heart

Bonds born of love are stronger than those born of blood.

Philip’s life is in limbo. He can’t leave the house where he was taken when he was rescued from Oscar, the man who raped him until he got pregnant with a boy. He isn’t sure he wants to anyway. He and Myron are safe there, and for the first time in his life, he has friends, people who care for him. He even has a crush on Abel, one of the council members, but he knows nothing can come of it. Abel has his life in hand. He has an important job and no reason to be interested in Philip, not with the kind of baggage Philip comes with.

Abel has had a crush on Philip since the first time he saw him. He hasn’t told him anything, because he knows it’s not the right moment. Philip’s son is only a few months old, and neither of them can leave the Bishop house. Abel can’t help but hover close, though, helping with Myron when Philip needs him to—and falling deeper in love with him as the days pass.

The council is still torn in half, even now that Oscar is dead. The man who is going to choose his replacement, Alpha Grimes, is the same man who handed Philip off to Oscar, and that means nothing good can come out of his decision. But when Alpha Grimes dies, everything becomes possible again.


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5.Let Love In

Good things happen when you let love in—no matter how terrified you are.

Kari is a loner. He’s lived alone with his father for his entire life, and he wants that to change because his dad deserves better. That’s why he’s taken it upon himself to get rid of the evil men in the Allegheny forest, and he’s finally managed to convince the council to put him on the team that will help the carriers obtain their freedom.

Calder has been fascinated with Kari ever since Kari confessed he was the one who caused the death of Oscar, one of the council members who were abusing carriers. Kari is slippery and has kept his distance, so Calder is surprised but eager when Kari plainly tells him he wants him in his bed.

Kari hasn’t told Calder he’s a carrier. He doesn’t plan to, at least until the condom breaks and he ends up pregnant. But Kari doesn’t want people to know he’s a carrier, because too often carriers are protected, not sent out to save people from their abusers.

Will Kari have to choose between building a family with Calder and continuing the work he’s been doing for the past months? Or is there a way for him to have both?


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6.In Spite of Everything

Can two carriers be together?

Julian didn’t expect to have a second chance at life. Then his son dragged him out of the forest, and he met Kaspar.

Kaspar thought he’d eventually go home now that the carriers in the forest are free, but Julian walked into his life and made him rethink everything.

Julian and Kaspar want to be together, but even with the new laws and the majority of the council on their side, it doesn’t mean that people will look kindly at two carriers who want to be together, even if one of them thinks he can’t have any more children.

That’s only one of their problems. Kaspar is much younger than Julian, who already has an adult son. Julian doesn’t know how to live with people after spending the past twenty-five years in the forest.

And the humans are coming, something that could cause more problems than anything they are prepared for.


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7.The Only Right Choice

How is Chris supposed to choose between his family and the man he loves?

Chris has always known he would become the next alpha. It’s his duty, and there’s no getting out of it.

Or is there?

Jacob and Chris fell in love during the time Chris spent hiding in cete territory. They couldn’t find a way to make things work long term because neither of them was ready to compromise.

Now, they are.

Chris is starting to realize he can’t live for his father. He has choices to make, and for once, he wants to think only of himself. Jacob never stopped loving him, and together, they can build a life that will make both of them happy.

When tragedy strikes, it tears Chris and Jacob apart for a second time. Will they make the right choice and find their way back to each other—forever this time? Or will they allow circumstances to make them miserable?


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8. Perfectly Imperfect

Life is never perfect—or easy.

When Josiah agreed to become the coyote alpha, he knew it was a bad idea, and he was right. No matter how hard he tries, the band doesn’t respect him, and he doesn’t know how to change that. With humans sticking their noses all over the forest, he has to solve that problem, but how?

Luther might be in the forest to keep an eye on the shifters who live here, but that doesn’t mean he’s enjoying it. He has to follow orders, even when he disagrees with them, which in this case, he does. Shifters shouldn’t be locked up, and they should have the same rights as humans.

Josiah doesn’t know why Luther seems so interested in him, but he can’t chalk it up to Luther doing his job for long. When it becomes obvious there’s more between them, Josiah tries to keep his distance, because Luther is human, and eventually, he’ll leave.

But Luther doesn’t want to leave. He’s in love with Josiah and will do pretty much anything for him, including trying to find a way to be allowed to stay.

Luther’s superior has plans, though, and there’s still a shooter on the loose in the forest. Then there’s Josiah’s problem with the band, which he knows will become worse once they find out he’s pregnant. Can Josiah and Luther find a way to make things work, even an imperfect one, or are they doomed to be wrenched apart by circumstances?


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9. Everything He Needs

What if you already have everything you need but can’t see it?

Turner has only one thing on his mind—killing the man who chained him and made his life hell. The problem is that Turner can’t exactly announce what he’s up to, and he can’t ask for help, even though he sorely needs it. He can only continue training and hope it won’t take him years to get his hands on Alpha Rhodes.

Raven was there when Turner was rescued, and he cares about the man. When his alpha’s son asks him to check in on Turner, he can’t say no. When his alpha asks him to train Turner and keep an eye on him because he knows what Turner is up to, his answer is still yes.

Neither of them expected to fall in love.

Turner can’t afford to focus on Raven, and Raven can’t allow Turner to kill anyone. Is their relationship doomed, or will they be able to find their way through the anger and need for revenge and realize they already have everything they need—each other?


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10. Serendipity

Sometimes trusting someone is the hardest thing of all.

Marlow is at a loss. His team has been permanently transferred to the Allegheny forest to act as a liaison between the shifters there and humans, but what does that mean exactly? The team is figuring things out, and one step of doing that is integrating, which is why he decides to move in with the badgers. The fact that Misha, one of the carriers, still lives in badger territory in the Bishop house might be related.

Misha had his son a few months ago, and he’s still learning how to be a father. The trauma of what he’s gone through doesn’t help, but he’s safe now, and he’s not alone taking care of Tommy. Having his friends makes the situation better, but when Marlow moves into the Bishop house, Misha can’t stay away.

Misha is a sweet man who’s been through hell, and Marlow is more than happy to help him with his son. However, Marlow has other people to worry about, like his brother, who’s stuck with their abusive mother. Maybe now that Marlow has a home, he’ll finally manage to get custody of Jackson, but it won’t be easy—just like finding a way to make his relationship with Misha work won’t be.

Misha is wounded and scared to trust that Marlow is there to stay, while Marlow is torn between Misha and Jackson. Is there a way for their relationship to work and both of them to be happy, or will they eventually lose each other?


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11. Clear Skies

Clear skies always come after a storm.

Calum has been living with the badgers for months now, but he’s still an outsider, and it’s entirely his fault. His past influences how he behaves, and it’s easier to push everyone away than to allow them in and risk losing them.

Duane just left the military and is looking for a new direction. When he applies for a job as a guard in the forest where the shifters live, he doesn’t expect much, and certainly not to stumble on two guys having words in the grocery store. He steps in, acts as a fake boyfriend, and starts falling for Calum.

But Calum’s fears run deep, and Duane doesn’t know if he belongs in the forest. If those were the only problems, Duane wouldn’t doubt they could make it work, but someone in the forest is plotting something, and they might have involved humans.

The forest is in danger, as is Calum’s heart. Will Calum be able to see beyond his fears? Can Duane convince him they can have their own happily-ever-after?


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