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I’m late! I was supposed to post this on Friday, but I’m dealing with bronchitis again, and it’s no fun :/

In Spite of Everything, book 6 in the Allegheny Shifters series, is out on the eXtasy website! You can find it here, and if you buy on Amazon, the preorder is available on Amazon US here and Universal here.

The first bundle of the series is also out and on preorder. It holds the first 3 books for only $7.50, which is a bargain since the books in this series are quite long! You can buy it on the eXtasy website here, or preorder on Amazon US here and Universal here.

As always, the books will be available on other online stores, although how long it will take is anyone’s guess unfortunately. Once a book is uploaded, it’s out of eXtasy’s hands!

And one last thing–if you’re missing any book of my or other eXtasy author’s backlist, there’s a sale until April 30th! It’s 30% off, so run 🙂


Can two carriers be together?

Julian didn’t expect to have a second chance at life. Then his son dragged him out of the forest, and he met Kaspar.

Kaspar thought he’d eventually go home now that the carriers in the forest are free, but Julian walked into his life and made him rethink everything.

Julian and Kaspar want to be together, but even with the new laws and the majority of the council on their side, it doesn’t mean that people will look kindly at two carriers who want to be together, even if one of them thinks he can’t have any more children.

That’s only one of their problems. Kaspar is much younger than Julian, who already has an adult son. Julian doesn’t know how to live with people after spending the past twenty-five years in the forest.

And the humans are coming, something that could cause more problems than anything they are prepared for.


#newrelease The Beginning of Everything #mmromance #LGBT #royalromance

The Beginning of Everything is out today! It’s a bit different from my usual books–no shifters–but just as enjoyable.

Available in KU.

Amazon US

Amazon Universal

Prince Clarence James Henry Nelson hasn’t been a prince in ten years, and he doesn’t want that to change. With his family’s blessing, he roams the United States on his bike, leaving the country of Fendalle in his father’s capable hands.
Until tragedy strikes.
Jamie is reluctant to take the throne he was never meant to inherit, but he owes it to his father and his brother to make sure the country they loved so much thrives and to find out if their deaths really were an accident. It doesn’t matter that he’s tattooed and pierced—he’s the new Fendalle king. Being the king comes with problems, but it also comes with his father’s personal assistant.
Jamie didn’t expect Miles to be so…Miles, or to fall in love with him. He wants more than the professional relationship they already share, but Miles wants him to put the kingdom first, and him second.

The Beginning of Everything is a HEA standalone slow burn MM romance with a tattooed biker turned king who doesn’t care about rules and a bossy personal assistant who’s planning to whip the new king into shape.

the beginning of everything-Catherine Lievens

#newrelease @eXtasyBooks Ellery #shifters #LGBTQ #mmromance #gayromance

Ellery, book 2 in the Green Hill Pride series, is now available on the eXtasy Books website. You can buy it here, and it will be available on other websites next week.

You can also find the new Allegheny Shifters series bundle up for preorder here. The first three books in the series at only $7.50! It’s a great opportunity to start the series since book 6 will be out this month! In Spite of Everything is also available for preorder here, and both will be available on April 24.

Standing up for yourself can be impossibly hard.

Ellery should be free. Alpha Carter is gone, and now that the Green Hill pride has Gal, things are getting better. But Ellery is tainted by his father’s attempt at killing the alpha mate, and no one will let him forget it or show that he didn’t have anything to do with his father’s plan.

Forest isn’t in Green Hill to stay. He’s doing Gal a favor by playing beta to his alpha for a while, but he’s never been one to stay in one place. He can’t, not unless he wants his mother to drag him home and finally seal the arranged marriage with the alpha’s daughter.

Ellery isn’t going anywhere, while Forest is planning to leave. But when they meant, they realize their mates—and that something needs to change.