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Tanner is out today! It’s book 25 in the Council Enforcers series, and the last one. You can get it on the eXtasy Books website here

With all the problems eXtasy has been having with the website, they’re uploading new releases on Amazon early, so look out to Tanner being available there on Monday or Tuesday!

Gillham survived the Beasts’ attack, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t problems.

Tanner and his team are done helping with cleaning up Gillham, and they’re looking for something more interesting, like the string of burglaries that happened recently. What Tanner was not looking for was his mate—although he wouldn’t have said no to a boyfriend—but after he meets Orlando, he’s ready to make space for him in his life.

Meeting Tanner is the worst thing that could happen to Orlando. He wants to be with his mate, but Tanner is an enforcer, while Orlando is the cat shifter thief responsible for the recent burglaries. He’s already decided to retire and settle down with his best friend and his mate, but first, he has one last job to do.

When Tanner finds the thief in the mayor’s house, the last thing he expects is for the cat shifter to turn into Orlando. When Orlando tells him they’re mates, Tanner knows he can’t give him up to the authorities, so he lets him go. But Tanner is an enforcer. No matter how much he wants to be with Orlando, he doesn’t know if he can ever trust him.

When there’s another burglary, will Tanner be able to see through the pain of betrayal and believe Orlando has nothing to do with it? Or will they lose the fragile relationship they’ve managed to build?


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The French translation on Jeremy came out today! It’s exclusive to Amazon so you can either buy it or borrow it on KU.

La version française de Jeremy, tome 5 de la série Whitedell Pride, est disponible sur Amazon!

Get it here:

Amazon France

Amazon Canada 

Universal Link

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Black Savior #LGBT #ParanormalRomance #Shifters #Dragons

Black Savior is out today on the eXtasy Books website! It’s book 3 in the Ogorth Clan series, and you can get it here. And yes, I know the website has a lot of problems, and I promise eXtasy is working on it, but it’s a massive job, so it takes a bit of time. In the meantime, if you buy the book and get a blank page, please check your library before attempting to get it again! More often than not, it’s there 🙂

Family isn’t only blood.

Cain is on the run. He’s about to lay his egg, which means handing it over to his king and never seeing it again. He’s wanted to be a father for too long, though, and he’s ready to do anything to keep his baby.

Hogan isn’t what people would call a friendly person. He’s growly and snappish, but only when it comes to those he doesn’t like—which is most of the Ogorth clan. When he punches yet another dragon, he’s sent off to patrol the forest around the palace, and he stumbles on Cain.

Cain had no idea he was in Ogorth clan territory, but he’s relieved he won’t have to lay his egg alone. He doesn’t expect to find a home with the Ogorth clan, or with Hogan.

Life is good as Cain and Hogan grow closer, but Cain’s old clan finds out where he is, and they demand him and his egg back. Will the queen keep her promise to keep him and his baby safe, or will the dangers to her clan be enough for her to give in? Will Cain lose everything he gained and never thought he would have, or does he have a chance to keep living his dreams?