Ogorth Clan

This series contains Mpreg.

1. Blue Fire

Blake never knew that dragons could turn into humans, so how does he end up falling in love with one?

Blake acts on instinct when he steals a dragon egg from his boss. He’s never done anything that stupid, and now, he’s in trouble, both with humans and dragons.

Especially with the dragon that captures him.

But Orran is not merely a dragon. He’s also a beautiful man, and Blake is stuck with him—and with a baby dragon after the egg hatches.

Blake’s boss isn’t done with him or with the baby, which means Blake has to gain Orran’s trust and convince him to take him with him. He has nothing to go back to in the city except death if his boss catches him. Death might still find him if he leaves with Orran, but he has nothing to lose.

Or does he?


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2. Green Way Out

Sheldon didn’t expect to be kidnapped, but especially not by a dragon.

Sheldon’s only sibling, Blake, has vanished. Sheldon is relieved when Blake finally calls, but Blake refuses to explain what he got himself into. That means Sheldon has to get involved before Blake gets in even more trouble—even if it ends badly.

And it does.

As a dragon, Morven doesn’t trust humans, not even his best friend’s lover, Blake. But now Blake needs help to save his brother, and Morven can’t say no. He doesn’t expect anything but a rescue mission, and he certainly doesn’t expect Sheldon.

Sheldon is terrified of the dragons who rescue him, but at least he’s with his brother. Who lives with dragons. Can Sheldon wrap his head around it? It’s an entirely new world. Ultimately, Sheldon will have to choose whether to stay with the dragon shifter who steals his heart or go home to his abusive parents and his empty apartment.

It would be an easy choice if he didn’t have dragons trying to kill him.


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3. Black Savior

Family isn’t only blood.

Cain is on the run. He’s about to lay his egg, which means handing it over to his king and never seeing it again. He’s wanted to be a father for too long, though, and he’s ready to do anything to keep his baby.

Hogan isn’t what people would call a friendly person. He’s growly and snappish, but only when it comes to those he doesn’t like—which is most of the Ogorth clan. When he punches yet another dragon, he’s sent off to patrol the forest around the palace, and he stumbles on Cain.

Cain had no idea he was in Ogorth clan territory, but he’s relieved he won’t have to lay his egg alone. He doesn’t expect to find a home with the Ogorth clan, or with Hogan.

Life is good as Cain and Hogan grow closer, but Cain’s old clan finds out where he is, and they demand him and his egg back. Will the queen keep her promise to keep him and his baby safe, or will the dangers to her clan be enough for her to give in? Will Cain lose everything he gained and never thought he would have, or does he have a chance to keep living his dreams?


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4. Purple Flame

Sometimes the only way out is to trust someone you’d never thought you could.

After arresting the queen’s cousin, Slavin thinks the clan is finally safe. Unfortunately, that only lasts until the queen asks him to spy on the Eiloren clan and find out what their king is planning. Slavin can’t say no to the queen.

Dagan never wanted to be a guard, especially not for the king, but in the Eiloren clan, no one chooses what they do with their life. When the king demands that Dagan’s brother get pregnant, Dagan knows he can’t let that happen, but what can he do?

Slavin doesn’t have much time before someone will discover he’s spying on the Eiloren clan, and Dagan needs to find a solution as soon as possible. Maybe they can work together, but can Dagan trust a man he thinks is working against his queen? Can Slavin trust Dagan with who he really is?


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5. Red Passion

Three is the perfect number.

Dray is a new member of the Ogorth clan, and he doesn’t feel like he fits in just yet. Everyone’s nice, but with humans now aware that dragons have a human form, the clan is focused on dealing with that.

Nithe likes Dray, but he’s in love with his best friend, Orion. Since he’s not about to ruin his friendship with Orion, he thinks he might find love with Dray, at least until he realizes Orion likes Dray, too, and it seems like Dray might be okay with that. If Dray holds Orion’s happiness, Nithe will gladly step aside, but before he can, he and Orion are summoned by the queen.

Orion isn’t surprised when the queen calls for a meeting of clans. Humans are a danger to every dragon clan, not just theirs, and the leaders have to agree on how to deal with them. Orion doubts that can ever happen, but his queen gave an order, and he’ll obey.

Dray knows he’ll get in trouble if he follows the clan members to the meeting of clans, but he won’t stay back. He’s relieved when instead of being sent home, he’s allowed to stay, but even here, he doesn’t quite belong—not until Nithe and Orion tell him they want each other and him as well.

Nithe and Orion are busy protecting the queen from other clan leaders, but they’re not the only danger lurking in the darkness of the forest surrounding their camp. Will they be able to protect the queen, the clan, and the dragon they’ve both come to love? Will they be able to protect each other and allow the three of them to find happiness?


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6. Turquoise Revelation

Things aren’t always what they seem.

Caven is on the run. He was imprisoned for a good reason. But he has no intention of living behind bars for the rest of his life. So as soon as he had the chance, he left the Ogorth clan behind and headed for the human world.

But things there are more complicated than he expected.

Sebastian’s life is perfectly normal until he stumbles on a murder. He runs, but when the murderer finds him, he thinks he’s going to die, too.

And he almost does.

Even though Caven knows he shouldn’t get involved, he helps the human escape. He’s been yearning for home, and keeping Sebastian safe is as good an excuse as any other to go back to the clan and beg for their forgiveness. Even if Caven is stuck in a cell, at least he’ll be home.

What Caven doesn’t expect is to fall for Sebastian—or to get pregnant. It’s the first step for the queen to realize there was more to his betrayal than she knew and that he’s not the enemy he tried to be.

But with Caven’s father disgusted by what Caven has done, Sebastian’s family being possibly in danger, and the meeting with the government representative approaching, Caven and Sebastian are both entirely lost—and so very different. Can they make things work between them and raise the second human-dragon hybrid of the clan while also keeping the clan, Sebastian, and his family safe? Or is it too much for their shoulders?


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7. Prickly Orange

Being prickly doesn’t keep everyone away.

Ruy is the dragon in charge of the palace, and he takes his job seriously. When the queen announces she’ll welcome a human delegation to sign an alliance and assigns one of the new clan humans to help him, he knows the human will only complicate his life.

Christian does, but not in the way Ruy expected.

Christian recently moved to the palace, and he’d not sure of his place with the clan yet. When he’s offered the job of prepping the palace and organizing the stay of the human delegation, he’s happy to help, even though it means he has to work with a prickly orange dragon whose expressions he can’t read.

But maybe Ruy isn’t that prickly after all, and maybe Christian isn’t that much of a complication.

Not everyone is happy about the alliance, though, and when someone poisons the leader of the human delegation, the Ogorth clan finds itself in danger again.


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