#releaseday Simon

Hi everyone 🙂

I’ve been away for a few days, first because I was at the Euro Pride Con in Berlin, then Orlando happened and I wasn’t up for social media, so I just spent a few days with my son and reading fluffy hockey fanfiction (fitting since my team won the Stanley Cup). Anyway, I’m back, as much as I can be anyway.

Today is release day at Extasy Books, and that means you can get your little hands on Simon! Some of you (those who preordered it) already have it, and I’m pretty sure some of you are already reading it. For those who aren’t, you can find it here http://www.extasybooks.com/simon/

There will be a change in release days from next month. Extasy will release books every Friday instead of every 1st and 15th. That means the Whitedell Pride Series will release on the 2nd Friday of the month and the Gillham Pack on the 4th.

What you’ve been waiting for usually happens when you stop hoping.

Simon has been watching all his friends find their mates and fall in love, but he’s still waiting for his. He knows he’s young and that he has time, but time doesn’t keep him warm at night and doesn’t make him feel loved. He yearns to have that, especially after growing up with his parents and his brother.

Malik is both the alpha of his school and a council member. When Kameron asks him and his best friend, Quincy, to help deal with Tom, the man who’s dead set on eliminating him, the last thing Malik expects is to meet his mate. He knows they’ll have to talk and to make decisions, but Simon makes what he wants very clear, and Malik doesn’t even think of saying no.

Simon and Malik don’t waste time and mate right away. However, Tom is still threatening, and Malik, along with Kameron and Quincy, need to find a solution, or they could lose everything.


“I have better things to do than to be here,” Quincy whined.

Malik rolled his eyes. Of course Quincy had better things to do. “You need to groom your wings?”

Quincy gave him a glare that would have scared most people, but Malik wasn’t most people. He knew Quincy well enough to know he might glare a lot, but he really was a softie at heart. You just had to look really deep to find that soft part of him.

“I don’t get why Kameron can’t deal with this on his own.”

“Why should he? This is exactly why the council was created.”

Quincy didn’t look at him as he answered. “I know that, but the rest of us don’t have problems dealing with whatever comes our way.”

“The worst thing that happened to your nest is when those rat shifters decided to dig their home just under your house. You just had to look at them with that glare of yours to make them scurry away.”

Quincy shrugged. “So? I still took care of them on my own.”

“We’re talking an entire other council here, Quincy.”

“Don’t call me Quincy,” Quincy snapped, and Malik smiled. He hid it by turning to look out the car window. Quincy might be a softie at heart, but Malik would gain nothing by antagonizing him too much.

He stayed silent until Quincy finally sighed. “Fine, you’re right.”

“I know I am.”

“And you’re a smug son of a bitch.”

Malik grinned and looked at Quincy. “I can’t deny that.”

Quincy glared again. “Anyway, Dominic is taking care of those hunters on his own.”

Malik rolled his eyes. “The mansion is easier to protect. They all live together. The pack members don’t.”

“I can’t believe a human was able to slip under pack security.”

“Someone made a mistake. It happens.”

“It shouldn’t. Kameron’s pack members have the right to feel safe in their homes.”

“True, but you know Kameron is doing everything he can.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know.”

“And that’s why we’re here to help.”

“You don’t have to remind me.”

“I thought I might have to, since you’ve been bitching about it ever since we left the nest.”

The glare didn’t completely disappear from Quincy’s face, but it softened. “Marla is supposed to give birth in a few weeks.”

That explained why he didn’t want to be there. “Your sister will be fine. You know these things take time, and you can call a Nix to get you there when she calls to tell you she’s in labor. You won’t miss the birth.”

Quincy turned into the road that led to the heart of the pack—Kameron’s house.

Malik watched him for a few moments. “If you really don’t want to be here, I can call someone else. I’m sure Celina won’t mind coming, or I could ask Neil.”

Quincy snorted. “Like he’s going to leave his mate. She’s pregnant again.”

“I can be here alone. Cole is here, and Dominic isn’t that far.”

Quincy waved Malik’s words away. “I’ll be fine. You’re right, I just need to call a Nix when I need to.”

“I didn’t think you’d be so reasonable. I expected you to bitch for at least a few more days.”

Quincy glared—again. “I will, just not to you. You don’t care when I bitch, so it’s no fun.”

Malik grinned. “I knew you did it because you have fun.”

“Oh, you found out my secret. Whatever will I do now,” Quincy deadpanned.

“You’ll find another way to annoy me.”

“I don’t think anything ever annoys you. You can even resist during an entire conversation with Nysys.”

“I don’t understand what you have against Nysys. Sure, he’s a bit over the top, but—”

“A bit? That guy’s so over the top he might as well live on the roof.”

“Did you just make a joke?”

Quincy swatted Malik’s thigh. “Shut up.”

“It wasn’t really a good joke, but it’s more than I’ve heard you say ever since I met you. Maybe you are a real human after all.”