It’s a Psychic World

1. Like Psychics and Dragons

Lindsey and Jerome get along like cats and dogs.

Lindsey sees ghosts. They make his life complicated, because most don’t take no for an answer, which is why he just got fired again. His only way to find a steady job is to work for someone who wants him to talk to ghosts, which is why he applies for a job at a PI agency. The problem is that he hates one of the PIs, and the man hates him.

Jerome wouldn’t say he hates Lindsey. He strongly dislikes him, and he has no intention of working with him. The only reason his partner convinced him to give this a try is that they’re stuck trying to solve the last case they were hired for, and they need results.

But those results aren’t what they expect. Lindsey isn’t what they expect, and when Jerome and Lindsey find themselves investigating a murder and getting shot at, Jerome will have to choose—can he trust Lindsey, or will his irrational hatred of humans doom both of them to death?


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2. A Psychic of a Problem

Sometimes death isn’t the end but a beginning.

Marcel is a spirit. Apparently, that doesn’t mean he’s dead, which he’s more than a little grateful for. He’s still stuck in a ghost form, though, and he has no idea what happened or how to fix it.

Will never knew he was a psychic, but it looks like he’s been seeing dead people without realizing it. Now, he does, and he’s going to use everything he can to help save Marcel, his best friend’s brother.

But no one knows what happened to Marcel or where he is. Even when they realize someone cast Marcel out of his body to steal his life energy, it doesn’t put them closer to finding him.

They have limited time before Marcel’s life energy is gone and he dies—for real this time.


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3. It Takes a Psychic

Face the past to save the future.

Victor never wanted to come home, yet here he is. He’s done the job that was asked of him, so he doesn’t have a reason to stay, but he can’t abandon the three untaught psychics he’s met while rescuing Marcel. The fact that his ex-boyfriend can’t take no for an answer doesn’t matter since Victor hopes Barton isn’t aware of his presence.

Unfortunately, luck never works his way.

Tim wants to show his cousin that the mistakes he made when he was younger are far behind him. When Jerome agrees to hire him, he wants to make the best impression, and when they’re hired to investigate the disappearance of several humans, he can both help find them and impress his cousin.

But things are never easy. The man who took Marcel is in business again, and this time, he’s targeting humans. By fomenting the tensions between humans and shifters and using the right people, he’s throwing suspicions in a direction that could be dangerous for Tim, Victor, and their friends.

But someone needs to find the people who have vanished, and they need to do it before something they can’t stop happens.


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4. A Psychic in Need

A psychic in need is a friend indeed.

York doesn’t know what he’s doing with the clan. He kidnapped a clan member, kept him under a spell, and almost killed him. Why did the clan welcome him with open arms and forgive him when he can’t forgive himself? How can they stand to look at him when he’s useless?

But maybe he doesn’t have to be.

Leo has kept an eye on York since he moved in with the clan. York had kidnapped Leo’s best friend, but if Marcel can forgive him, so can Leo. The fact that York is adorably cute and vulnerable helps, and when Leo allows him in, it doesn’t take him long to start falling for him.

York wants everything the clan and Leo are offering, but he needs to give them more in return. The only thing he can think of is to go to Curt, the clan’s enemy, and attempt to fool him into giving him information.

When Curt sees right through York and locks him up, York realizes how stupid his plan is. He’s away from the clan, unable to free himself and completely alone.

Or is he?


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