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It Takes a Psychic, book 3 in the It’s a Psychic World, is out today on the eXtasy Books website! I’m having so much fun with this series, and I can’t wait to write book 4! I wish I’d started on dragon shifters a long time ago 😅


Face the past to save the future.

Victor never wanted to come home, yet here he is. He’s done the job that was asked of him, so he doesn’t have a reason to stay, but he can’t abandon the three untaught psychics he’s met while rescuing Marcel. The fact that his ex-boyfriend can’t take no for an answer doesn’t matter since Victor hopes Barton isn’t aware of his presence.

Unfortunately, luck never works his way.

Tim wants to show his cousin that the mistakes he made when he was younger are far behind him. When Jerome agrees to hire him, he wants to make the best impression, and when they’re hired to investigate the disappearance of several humans, he can both help find them and impress his cousin.

But things are never easy. The man who took Marcel is in business again, and this time, he’s targeting humans. By fomenting the tensions between humans and shifters and using the right people, he’s throwing suspicions in a direction that could be dangerous for Tim, Victor, and their friends.

But someone needs to find the people who have vanished, and they need to do it before something they can’t stop happens.


#NewRelease The Brightest Light #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #Magic #LGBT

Book 2 in the Paranormal Circus is finally out! It took a while because my cover artist got sick, but it’s finally here. You can get it on Amazon, both to buy or as part of your KU subscription.

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The brightest light shines ahead.

Nigel is happy with the circus, and he’s never regretted leaving his life behind. If anything, he’s relieved he doesn’t have to deal with his parents on a regular basis, but unfortunately, that won’t last. When his mother demands he come home for his grandmother’s birthday, the only option he has is to say yes.

Mack doesn’t know much about the life Nigel left behind, but he’s not surprised there was a good reason for him to. When he finds Nigel’s father trying to convince him to come home permanently, he steps in and introduces himself as Nigel’s boyfriend.

The problem is that he and Nigel Aren’t together.

Nigel’s had a crush on Mack forever, but Mack has only broken up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago. Now, Nigel’s family expects Mack to be at the party, and while Nigel tries to convince Mack it’s not worth it, he’s relieved when Mack insists. They can be fake boyfriends for a few evenings, can’t they?

But feelings blur the lines between them, and they become closer as Nigel’s family works to get him home. Nigel has already decided to stay with the circus, and nothing will make him change his mind—not even sabotage.


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks A Better Life #mmromance #ShifterRomance #LGBT #ParanormalRomance

New series today! A Better Life is book one in the new Mayport Pack series and is out today on the eXtasy Books website! If you’d rather wait for it to release on other websites, release day should be July 15.


The actions of one person can save many.

Theo is the alpha of a homeless pack. He does his best, but in a world where most of the country belongs to powerful packs, it’s not easy to find a corner to settle down with his nine pack members. It’s especially not easy when they’re different shifters, which is one more reason not to trust them and to run them out of town as soon as they’re found out.

When Chance is told new shifters have arrived in Mayport, he has to act. As the alpha, he needs to stand strong against the shifters invading his territory, especially when one of them can turn into a dragon.

But these shifters aren’t dangerous, and they’re not invading Chance’s pack territory. They’re young and scared and looking for a home, and the haunted eyes of their alpha makes Chance extend a proposition—they can stay with his pack until they’re back on their feet.

As time passes, both Chance and Theo hope Theo’s pack will stay. That means things will change because there can’t be two alphas for one pack. Chance can’t give up his position. Can Theo? Or will he follow his pack members who might decide to leave? And if they stay, can Chance’s pack accept them?