Paranormal Circus Series

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1.Never Look Back

The Paranormal Circus is in town.

Fane isn’t an idiot. He knows his parents are manipulative. He just doesn’t know what to do about it or even if he can do anything about it.

Talbot is the circus’ ringmaster and the alpha of their unofficial pack. He and his predecessor have been collecting outcasts and loners for years, but he didn’t expect to find one in this small town, too. He’s fascinated with Fane and his contradiction, but no matter how much he wants Fane to come with them, he can’t make that decision for him.

Fane has always been fascinated with the paranormal circus, and especially with the trapeze. He’s a great glider shifter, but his parents have forbidden him to shift. With the circus, he finds freedom, but also hope—and, possibly, love.

But to keep all of that, Fane has to let go of his past and his parents. They’re the only thing he knows and can rely on, and no matter how much he likes the circus and everyone who works there, he doesn’t know if the future they offer him is something he should let himself think of, let alone take.

The circus won’t stay in town forever, and Fane has to make a decision. Will he choose a secure past or a tempting future?


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2.The Brightest Light

The brightest light shines ahead.

Nigel is happy with the circus, and he’s never regretted leaving his life behind. If anything, he’s relieved he doesn’t have to deal with his parents on a regular basis, but unfortunately, that won’t last. When his mother demands he come home for his grandmother’s birthday, the only option he has is to say yes.

Mack doesn’t know much about the life Nigel left behind, but he’s not surprised there was a good reason for him to. When he finds Nigel’s father trying to convince him to come home permanently, he steps in and introduces himself as Nigel’s boyfriend.

The problem is that he and Nigel Aren’t together.

Nigel’s had a crush on Mack forever, but Mack has only broken up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago. Now, Nigel’s family expects Mack to be at the party, and while Nigel tries to convince Mack it’s not worth it, he’s relieved when Mack insists. They can be fake boyfriends for a few evenings, can’t they?

But feelings blur the lines between them, and they become closer as Nigel’s family works to get him home. Nigel has already decided to stay with the circus, and nothing will make him change his mind—not even sabotage.


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