#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks The Only Right Choice #mmromance #shifters #ParanormalRomance

Another new release this week! This one if book 7 in the Allegheny Shifters series, and it’s Chris and Jacob’s story. You can get it here today on the eXtasy Books website. Release day for other online retailers should be December 4!

You can also preorder Have a Foxy Christmas on the eXtasy Books website here–release day is December 4.

How is Chris supposed to choose between his family and the man he loves?

Chris has always known he would become the next alpha. It’s his duty, and there’s no getting out of it.

Or is there?

Jacob and Chris fell in love during the time Chris spent hiding in cete territory. They couldn’t find a way to make things work long term because neither of them was ready to compromise.

Now, they are.

Chris is starting to realize he can’t live for his father. He has choices to make, and for once, he wants to think only of himself. Jacob never stopped loving him, and together, they can build a life that will make both of them happy.

When tragedy strikes, it tears Chris and Jacob apart for a second time. Will they make the right choice and find their way back to each other—forever this time? Or will they allow circumstances to make them miserable?

#NewRelease Deck the Demon #mmromance #ChristmasRomance #LGBT #ParanormalRomance

Deck the Demon is out! You can buy it or get it through KU. If you’re into holiday romances that include a fake relationship, an archangel, and a dead soul (and Satan, can’t forget him!), you can grab the book on Amazon!

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It’s Christmas, and Archangel Gabriel wants to deck his demon with boughs of holly and have a merry little Christmas with him.

Gabriel hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Jasper, his brother’s PA, since he met him. He’s trying to do something about it, but so far, none of his dinner summons have worked, and he’s eaten too many meals with random demons.

Jasper has no idea what to think when Satan tells him Gabriel wants a date with him, but when Satan asks for something, he gets it. That’s the only reason Jasper agrees to go on a date with Gabriel.

The problems start when Gabriel tells Satan he and Jasper are dating even though they aren’t, and when he agrees to organize a Christmas dinner Riley, Satan’s boyfriend, was planning on taking care of before his plans changed. It’s Gabriel’s chance to heal his relationship with his brother, and hopefully, to make Jasper see how well they work together, even though one belongs in Heaven while the other belongs in Hell.

Will Gabriel and Jasper get their own Christmas miracle?

Deck the Demon is a Christmas story featuring the Archangel Gabriel, a dead soul who is very happy in Hell, thank you very much, an always grumpy Satan, and a cat who might or might not be possessed by the Archangel Michael.

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Julian #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #shifters #LGBTromance

Who likes rabbit shifter professional assassins?

Julian, book 11 in the Council Assassins Series, is out today on eXtasy Books. You can get it here in any format you read in.

Also out is the first bundle in the Whitedell Pride series, which you can grab here.

You don’t always have to fight alone.

Julian is on the run. He doesn’t know who’s after him, but he knows he’ll have to do something about it. The fact that he’s just met his mate makes everything more complicated, especially since Tali has known for much longer than he has and hasn’t told him.

Tali doesn’t want to have to choose between Julian and the council assassins. One is his mate, the other his family. Since Julian’s on the run, Tali knows  he’ll end up leaving, and Tali won’t be able to go with him.

But maybe Julian doesn’t have to go. Maybe he can accept the assassins’ help and work with them to find out who’s hunting him and do something about it.

It’s either that or be killed, and Julian isn’t about to allow that to happen.