Self Published Standalones

The Raven’s Flight

Kangee is used to solitude. He’s lived like a hermit for the past seven years after finding out the hard way that shifters shouldn’t mix with humans. He has no intentions to change that, but he hadn’t counted on a bratty hard-headed human slithering into his life and pushing Kangee outside his comfort zone.

Jase knows what he wants, and he wants Kangee, even if the man looks like he’d rather run the other way every time he sees Jase. He throws himself at Kangee until the man finally breaks down, but what should have been a summer fling quickly shifts into something more.

Kangee has to hide his raven half from Jase because he knows the man would freak out if he found out about it, but when Jase is attacked by a bear Kangee’s raven half reacts, exposing Kangee’s secret to the man he’s starting to fall for. Will Jase run, or will he give Kangee a chance? Will what they have survive the revelation, or will it disappear along with the summer heat?

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Satan Claus is Coming to Town

Dear Satan Claus…
That’s how the letter Satan received starts. The little girl who wrote it asking for her father to be happy again meant it for someone else, and while that’s obvious, Satan doesn’t care. Santa will never find out, as long as Satan’s nosy assistant, Jasper, doesn’t tell him. Satan isn’t sure why he decides to watch Zoe and her dad, except that he’s bored and lonely. He surprises himself when he moves into the house next to theirs and introduces himself as Sam—because he couldn’t exactly give Riley his real name, could he?
Riley has been divorced for years, and he doesn’t have time for a relationship. He has trust issues and no will to get over them, not when his daughter is the center of his life. Then a new neighbor moves in, and he’s adorably awkward and sexy. Riley tries to keep Sam at arm’s length, but he can’t help but fall in love with him, and he’s pretty sure Sam is falling for him, too.
Then Sam confesses his real name is Satan, and that he’s the king of Hell.

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Deck the Demon

It’s Christmas, and Archangel Gabriel wants to deck his demon with boughs of holly and have a merry little Christmas with him.

Gabriel hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Jasper, his brother’s PA, since he met him. He’s trying to do something about it, but so far, none of his dinner summons have worked, and he’s eaten too many meals with random demons.

Jasper has no idea what to think when Satan tells him Gabriel wants a date with him, but when Satan asks for something, he gets it. That’s the only reason Jasper agrees to go on a date with Gabriel.

The problems start when Gabriel tells Satan he and Jasper are dating even though they aren’t, and when he agrees to organize a Christmas dinner Riley, Satan’s boyfriend, was planning on taking care of before his plans changed. It’s Gabriel’s chance to heal his relationship with his brother, and hopefully, to make Jasper see how well they work together, even though one belongs in Heaven while the other belongs in Hell.

Will Gabriel and Jasper get their own Christmas miracle?

Deck the Demon is a Christmas story featuring the Archangel Gabriel, a dead soul who is very happy in Hell, thank you very much, an always grumpy Satan, and a cat who might or might not be possessed by the Archangel Michael.

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Have a Hellish, Lousy Christmas

Michael’s Christmas will be a hellish, lousy one.

The Archangel Michael is used to being admired and treated with reverence. Everyone loves him, as they should since he’s an archangel.

But his brothers don’t.

When Satan catches Michael spying on him as a cat, he makes it so that Michael can’t shift back. He wants Michael to learn a lesson, but since Michael can’t change what is already perfection, he needs someone to take care of him and convince Satan to allow him to change back.

Presley didn’t know what he was in for when he found an abandoned cat. Everything was fine—until the cat started talking. Now Presley is stuck with an archangel who thinks too much of himself and who’s making a mess out of his life.

If Michael wants to turn back to human, he’ll have to show his brother he’s changed. Presley can’t wait for that to happen, but he has his doubts Michael realizes what’s wrong. It shouldn’t be his job to make it happen, but if he doesn’t, he risks being stuck with the maddening archangel.

Hopefully, Presley will be able to show Michael the errors of his ways, and maybe, just maybe, Michael will change. If he doesn’t, he won’t be the only one to have a lousy Christmas.


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The Beginning of Everything

Prince Clarence James Henry Nelson hasn’t been a prince in ten years, and he doesn’t want that to change. With his family’s blessing, he roams the United States on his bike, leaving the country of Fendalle in his father’s capable hands.
Until tragedy strikes.
Jamie is reluctant to take the throne he was never meant to inherit, but he owes it to his father and his brother to make sure the country they loved so much thrives and to find out if their deaths really were an accident. It doesn’t matter that he’s tattooed and pierced—he’s the new Fendalle king. Being the king comes with problems, but it also comes with his father’s personal assistant.
Jamie didn’t expect Miles to be so…Miles, or to fall in love with him. He wants more than the professional relationship they already share, but Miles wants him to put the kingdom first, and him second.

The Beginning of Everything is a HEA standalone slow burn MM romance with a tattooed biker turned king who doesn’t care about rules and a bossy personal assistant who’s planning to whip the new king into shape.

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the beginning of everything-Catherine Lievens

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