Darin #newrelease

Darin will be out tomorrow on http://www.extasybooks.com/Darin/ and as always, I wanted to share an excerpt, but since Darin is a baker and he bakes a few different cupcakes in the book, I also wanted to share the links to the recipes I got my inspiration from 🙂 and if you try them, let me know how they came out!

Piña Colada Cupcakes

Champagne & Raspberry Cupcakes

Grapefruit Cupcakes with Chai Icing

Sometimes you need to listen only to your heart rather than to what other people say.

 Darin hasn’t actively been looking for his mate, even though he wants nothing more than to meet him. He’s lonely and he works too much, so he’s been hoping for a miracle—for his mate to walk into his bakery. It hasn’t worked yet, but then a man walks into the mansion’s kitchen and declares he’s Darin’s mate, and Darin gets the miracle he’s been waiting for.

Ira has known Darin was his mate for a few months, but he’s been burned by people who should’ve loved him before, so he took his time before deciding to talk to him. Now that he knows Darin won’t hurt him, he takes advantage of a trip to Whitedell to finally properly meet his mate.

Darin and Ira don’t wait to mate, even though they know their families might not be happy about it. But what their families think isn’t their only problem, and when the hunters attack again, Ira will need to fight for his mate and his friends.


Darin added the eggs to the mixture of butter and sugar and carefully mixed them. Taylor came back in, Nysys trailing behind him, and Darin groaned. “Don’t touch anything,” he warned the Nix.

Nysys gave him his most innocent face. “Me?”

“Yes, you. Stop playing innocent, you know your hands are itching to do it. I’ll kick you out of my kitchen if you misbehave.”

Nysys slumped in one of the stools by the counter. “What am I, a kid?”

Taylor and Darin looked at each other and answered together, “Yes.”

“You remember how many times you made something explode in here, right?” Darin asked as he added part of the flour mixture to the eggs, butter, and sugar.

“I’m better now!” Nysys declared. “I’m taking lessons, and I haven’t made anything explode in at least a month.”

Darin added part of the rum mixture he’d kept on the side and mixed. “A month? Wow. I feel like I should give you a medal or something.”

Nysys started to swat Darin’s arm over the counter, but Taylor caught his wrist before he could. “Don’t hit him. We wouldn’t want him to screw up the cupcakes.”

Nysys’ eyes went shiny. “Oooh, what’s he baking?”

“Piña Colada cupcakes.”

“Mmm, do you think they’ll be enough to make us drunk?”

“I highly doubt it,” Darin answered. “There isn’t that much rum in them.”

Nysys pouted. “Spoilsport.”

“You can take the rest of the rum bottle if you want. Just make sure to replace it if you finish it.”

“I think you’d better stay away from the alcohol,” Taylor told Nysys. “Remember how it went the last time?”

“Hey, we didn’t actually paint Dominic’s office pink!” Nysys protested.

“That’s only because Jonah stopped you. Keenan had already managed to find the paint and everything.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask why pink,” Darin said as he filled the cupcake liners.

“Because Dominic could do with a bit of calm, and everyone needs a feminine touch in their lives,” Nysys told him.

“Did you know that pink was a boy color until the 1940’s?”

Nysys cocked his head. “How do you know that?”

“Jayden.” That said it all. They all knew how Jayden was with his books, and how he tended to talk a lot and about things that didn’t actually have anything to do with each other.

“Ah. But see, pink was a good idea. It’s a manly color.”

Darin chuckled. “I don’t think Dominic would’ve been as enthusiastic as you are.” He opened one of the ovens and put the first tray of cupcakes in. He closed it, opened the second one, and repeated the operation before starting to fill liners again. He always had to bake a lot of cupcakes, and even then, not everyone in the pride managed to taste them. It was a first come first served kind of thing, and that meant that some people, much like Taylor, tended to hover in the kitchen when he baked.

That was why Darin wasn’t surprised when the kitchen door opened ten minutes later and Keenan, Delevan, and Isaiah came in, Trevor close behind them.

“What is it this time?” Delevan asked as he hopped on one of the stools.

“Piña Colada,” Darin answered him. “I think I’m going to buy one of those small blackboards. I’ll put it on the kitchen door and write what cupcakes I’m baking, just to let everyone know.”

“Don’t you dare,” Nysys said. “Then we’d have to share.”

“I’m baking about fifty of them.”

“That’s only one per person! It’s not enough.”

“Yeah, well, unless you or someone else volunteers to clean up once I’m done, I’m sticking with fifty.”

They all looked at each other. Darin pressed his lips together and mixed powdered sugar with the cream cheese and butter. “I don’t hear anyone,” he sang teasingly.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know, it’s late (almost midnight for me, so Valentine’s Day is almost over), but I had family over today, then a talk with hubby about going to GRL in October (he said yes!). I didn’t write anything special this year, but Benoit’s Surprise Christmas ends on Valentine’s Day, I’ll share a bit of the last scene.



“You’re already home? Why are you already home?”

“Because I didn’t like the movie. Jake, why can’t I open the door?”

“Because I blocked it.”

Benoit took a deep breath. He was getting used to these Jake moments, when Jake gave as little information as possible and Benoit had to wrangle it out of him. “Why did you block it?”

“I have a surprise for you, but you can’t see it before I’m ready, and I wasn’t expecting you this early.”

Benoit thumped his forehead on the door. “Why didn’t you just send me a text or something?”

“Because I wasn’t expecting you!”

Benoit wasn’t even surprised to find Jake in his apartment. His boyfriend had spent most of his time there since they’d gotten together three months ago, to the point where Benoit wondered if it wouldn’t be easier—and cheaper—to just move in together. He hadn’t mentioned it to Jake yet, because it’d been only three months, but he was definitely thinking about it.

“Okay, so does this surprise need to be in the living room?”

“Uh, no.”

“Why don’t you let me in, then? I’ll stay in the living room.”

“Okay. Just… wait a second, okay?”

Benoit leaned against the wall beside his door and waited. Jake hadn’t closed the door, and Benoit heard plastic being moved, and then Jake closed the door and opened it again. He was flustered and wearing only a T-shirt and his boxer briefs.

Benoit gave him a grateful smile. “Thanks. Why didn’t you want to come with me, anyway? You didn’t tell me you’d come by today.”

“Surprise, remember?”

“Yeah, but why the surprise?”

Jake crossed his arms over his chest. “You don’t know what day today is, do you?”

“Uh, Sunday. Which is why we’re not at work.”

“Sunday the…?”

“Fourteenth, I think.”

Jake huffed. “Okay, I see you still don’t get it. Fourteenth of what month, Benoit?”

Benoit’s eyes widened. “You said you didn’t want to celebrate! That it was a Hallmark celebration for fools!”

“That’s what I wanted you to think.” Jake tsked. “It worked.”

“But I don’t have anything for you.” Benoit tried to think fast, but Valentine’s Day was already happening. He wouldn’t be able to find anything to buy for Jake.

“I don’t want anything. It’s not like I bought you something, it’s just… a surprise, something I thought about. Besides, it’ll be as much for you as for me.”

“Okay, fine. So, where is it?”

“You’re going to stay here and relax on the couch until I call you, okay?”

“And where are you going?”


“Oh, it’s that kind of surprise, then.”

Jake winked. “Exactly.”

Benoit smiled as he flopped on the couch, and Jake disappeared. He leaned his head backward and looked at the ceiling, but after five minutes Jake still hadn’t called him. He grabbed the remote and turned the TV on, but he couldn’t really concentrate on whatever was on. He was tense, waiting for Jake to call him, but more time passed and still nothing. Benoit toed off his shoes and his socks, then curled back on the couch.

It took Jake twenty minutes to call Benoit, and by then Benoit had abandoned trying to watch TV to bite at his thumbnail instead. He couldn’t help but wonder what Jake was doing. They’d had their fair share of sex over the past three months, but it had been fairly normal. The fact that Jake had actually organized something sexual was making Benoit nervous and made him wonder if there was something wrong with their sex life already.

“Ben? You can come now!”

Benoit stood up so quickly he nearly toppled over on the coffee table. He clicked the TV off and hurried to the bedroom. Should he already take his clothes off, or should he wait to see what Jake had done?

The bedroom door was open, and Benoit stepped in. His eyes went straight to the man standing at the foot of the bed, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or just gape.

Jago excerpt

Jago, book 9 in the Gillham Pack Serie, will be out on Monday on the Extasy Books website http://www.extasybooks.com/jago/

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’ll be posting something else, this is the excerpt of Jago. Now you can all breathe again knowgin he’s fine 🙂


Corbin walked closer to the house. Jago didn’t move, and Corbin didn’t know what that meant. He stopped at the porch steps and hovered there until Jago sighed and sat up. “Corbin. I didn’t expect to see you so soon, or ever, really.”

Corbin stayed silent.

Jago smiled at bit, then patted the porch floor next to him. “Sit with me?”

Corbin obeyed, and he felt odd when he did. His stomach was upset again, and it became worse when Jago leaned against Corbin’s side. Corbin stayed still and Jago shook his head. He took Corbin’s hand and raised his arm, then leaned against Corbin’s side again, pulling Corbin’s arm around his own shoulders.

Corbin reacted on instincts he didn’t know he had and tightened his arm. Jago looked up and smiled, and Corbin’s heart skipped a beat. He had the compulsion to lean forward and kiss Jago, and he didn’t understand it. His instincts were honed on combat, destruction, and obedience, not on this.

“Relax,” Jago whispered, a smile still playing on his lips.


Jago raised his hand and pressed it against Corbin’s heart. “What do you want to do right now?”

“I don’t know.”

“Forget what you think you should be doing. Do you want to go inside? Or do you want to watch the stars? Maybe you’re hungry, or thirsty?”


Jago tweaked Corbin’s nipple and Corbin jumped. He looked at Jago with no idea what to do. “Come on, give me more than that.” He pressed his hand on Corbin’s heart again. “Think with your heart, not with your head. What do you want to do?”

Corbin looked at Jago, at his red hair, at the hundreds of freckles that dotted his nose and his cheeks. He’d never noticed there were so many of them until now, and he raised his free hand without even thinking about it. He paused when he realized it, but Jago didn’t move. He just stayed there, looking up at Corbin, smiling at him and silently encouraging him.

So Corbin gave up. He frowned and thought about what he wanted, even though he knew it went against everything he’d been taught. He moved again and gently placed one fingertip on Jago’s cheek.

Nothing happened. Corbin knew he was free, but he’d still felt like somehow someone would find out about him misbehaving. Instead, his heart beat faster and his breath hitched, and he cupped Jago’s cheek with his entire hand. Jago didn’t say anything. He just kept on smiling, those lips enticing Corbin to lean closer, to taste them.

Corbin leaned forward but paused just inches from Jago’s lips. He frowned. Could he really do this? The glint in Jago’s eyes made Corbin decide yes, he could, and he closed the space still between them.

Corbin pressed their lips together. It was…nice. Very nice. But he still couldn’t see why people liked kissing so much. It was only a press of the lips, and…oh.

Jago opened his lips and flicked the tip of his tongue against Corbin’s lips. Corbin didn’t know what to do, so he stuck his own tongue out and touched Jago’s. Jago chuckled and Corbin frowned, wondering if Jago was making fun of him. He started to lean back, but Jago threw his arm around Corbin’s neck and shifted to his side.

Corbin put his free hand on Jago’s hip. It fit so well, and he wondered if it was because they were mates, or just because it was Jago.

“Pay attention,” Jago whispered, his breath warm on Corbin’s lips.

What’s coming in 2016?

It’s February 1st, and that means that the newest Whitedell Pride book, Wes, is out on Extasy Books.


And I realized I haven’t made one of those What-I’ll-be-up-to-in-2016 posts, but a few readers had questions for me, so I decided to write one.

*The Whitedell Pride Series. Yes, the series will come to an end this year. I’m kind of sad about it, because the guys have been with me for almost two years and they’re what introduced me to writing, but I feel it’s time. Still, the series will have 26 books in total, and since Wes is book 17, there are still plenty of stories to read. The last book should be out November 1st.

*Gillham Pack Series. This one will go on for a while more. I’m not sure how long yet,  but I have at least ten more couples who want their story to be written. I just finished writing book 10, Merle, yesterday.

*I have vague ideas about a third series set in the Whitedell/Gillham world that will follow the stories of the enforcers. There’s nothing set in stone yet, and I want to finish writing about Whitedell first, but it’s there, on the back burner.


*I’m waiting to hear about another novel I submitted. As for writing, I’m working on a contemporary novel where one of the main characters is a merman. It should be done by the middle of the year. I also plotted a fantasy novel that’s quickly turning into a series, but it’s still in the very early stages.

I also have two short stories plotted, so I’ll be writing them this year.

*If I have the time, I’ll finally get around to revise and edit the only historical novel I ever wrote. It’s set on the Titanic and is the result of the 2014 National Novel Writing Month. It needs a lot of work, though, but I’ll try to fit it in my schedule.

I think that’s all 🙂 2016 looks like it’s going to be a very busy year writing wise!