Mutants Series

This series is set in the same world as the Whitedell Pride, Gillham Pack, Council Enforcers, Wyoming Shifters: 12 Years Later, and Council Assassins series.

1. Moore

Sometimes you find love in the most improbable place.

Moore doesn’t want anything from the council. They weren’t there when he and his friends needed them the most, and now that they’re reaching out, he takes great pleasure in throwing that back in their faces.

At least until he realizes his mate works for them.

Jolyn knew Moore was his mate since the first moment he saw him. He kept it to himself, since Moore is technically an enemy of the council, but he doesn’t know what to do.

When Moore and his people need help, he can’t avoid reaching out to the council, no matter how little he likes it. Meeting his mate, who works and lives with the council assassins, means Moore will have to play nice.

Is that possible in a world where people are still locked in cages and tortured?


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2. Hayes

What do you do when love crashes through your roof?

Hayes is fine with his life, no matter what his mother thinks. He’s a mutant now, and he can’t ignore that or the fact that the labs are still a reality—a reality he and the other mutants can change. There’s no going back to his old life, and while the future feels complicated, Hayes is surrounded by friends and family and is proud of the work they do.

Rikar didn’t hesitate to welcome the mutants into his tribe. The tribe has been rescuing people from the labs for decades, and the mutants have the same goals. Plus, they needed a home, and Rikar’s small town has plenty of that.

When Rikar sees Hayes and realizes the mutant is his mate, he doesn’t know what to do. Hayes is still dealing with the consequences of what was done to him in the lab, and Rikar leads a very large tribe.

But when Hayes crashes through Rikar’s roof, Rikar can’t avoid telling him about the bond that links them together. But as they try to work things out between them, Hayes and the mutants find a lab experimenting on children, and one of them latches onto Rikar.

Rikar wasn’t prepared for a mate and a child. Hayes wasn’t prepared for any of this. What are they supposed to do now?


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3. Jessup

Sometimes it’s easier to push people away than to risk them hurting you.

Jessup only trusts a few people, and he’s perfectly fine with that. After the way his parents hurt him, he doesn’t need anyone but his friends in his life.

He especially doesn’t need a mate.

Rory has no idea what’s happening. He was at the grocery store, and now he’s locked up in a van with two other terrified people. He wants out and is ready to fight.

But not his mate.

During a raid, Jessup notices a van and finds his mate inside. Rory is about to end up in the lab, and the thought terrifies Jessup as much as giving Rory a chance does. So Jessup doesn’t.

Rory isn’t easily deterred. Jessup is avoiding him, but he’s already planning on moving, and as long as Jessup doesn’t tell him to fuck off, he’s not going anywhere. There are hurdles to deal with, though, like how a group of humans who call themselves hunters are supplying people to the labs and Jessup’s fear that after being abandoned by his family, his mate will do the same.

Luckily, Rory is as stubborn as they come.


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