#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks As a Mule #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #ShifterRomance

As a Mule is out today on the eXtasy Books website! Grab it here in whatever format you read in. It’s book 6 in the Seven Brothers series (only one brother left 😱 ), and one of the editors said it was her favorite in the series so far so make sure to grab it!

Release day on other websites should be Friday 29.

Even someone who’s stubborn as a mule can meet their match.

Jack is prickly on his best days and an asshole on the worst ones. He loves that his brothers are finding their mates and have happy lives, but that’s not for him. Who could stand to spend more than a few minutes with him apart from his family? Besides, he doesn’t need anyone. He’s not like his brothers, and he’s fine on his own. Nothing and no one will change his mind about that.
Blair has a successful life, except for one thing—his love life. He’s used to people taking advantage of him for gifts, money, or connections, and he doesn’t expect anything different.

Until he meets his mate.

Jack and Blair are too different, and Jack knows it. He doesn’t understand why Blair can’t see it, no matter how hard he pushes Blair away. He also has trouble staying away, and when Blair invites him to a fundraising party, he can’t say no.

Can two different people work together? Or, as Jack fears, are they destined to grow apart if they attempt to have a relationship?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Like Changes #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT

Like Changes is out today on the eXtasy Books website (release on other websites will be Friday 15). It’s the last book in the Vikings series, and you can grab it here today in whatever format you read in.

Changes are coming.

Micah has been working against the conclave from the inside for decades, and the time has finally come to make a move. The problem is that the other conclave members are suspicious, and when Micah steps in to save a hero, he has to run.

Constantine left the conclave a while ago, and he never regretted it. When he’s sent to pick up Micah, whom he knows is a spy for the fallen heroes, he’s relieved to see the man isn’t hurt.

But their fight isn’t over. The end has finally come for the conclave, but the transition won’t be easy, and they have to deal with the old conclave members before a new one can take their place. Luckily, they have allies—and it’s all thanks to Micah.

Constantine is in awe of what Micah has done. The more time they spend together, the more he falls for him, and he can hardly believe it when Micah falls for him, too.

But their fight is just beginning, and the entire supernatural community is at risk. Constantine and Micah want a future together, but the possibility that one or both of them won’t make it to the end is high.

Can their love survive the last fight?