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Ollie is out today! It’s book 10 in the Wyoming Shifters: 12 Years Later series. You can expect release on the other websites in about one week depending on how long it takes to upload and release!

What happens when your fake boyfriend turns out to be your mate?

Teddy is focused on one thing, and one thing only—making his brother proud. That means finishing his Master’s degree with the highest grades possible, then finding a good job. Those plans don’t leave time for anything else, so when Teddy is told he needs a date for a birthday party, he lies and says he has one in the hopes that he’ll be able to wiggle his way out of the party.

He doesn’t.

Instead, he finds himself having to come up with a fake boyfriend, and he has no idea who can help him with that, so he’s lucky Sterling, a Gillham pack member and one of his acquaintances, comes up with someone.

When a pack member approaches Ollie and asks him if he wants to play fake boyfriend for a friend of his, Ollie agrees. He hopes it will help distract him from the jealousy he feels at the sight of his best friend with his mate. He loves Gabriel and Gabriel’s new mate, but he wants what they have, and he doesn’t know how to get it.

They’re both stunned when they meet at the party and realize they’re mates. Teddy doesn’t have time for Ollie, but can he really give up his only chance at being with his mate? And can Ollie get over what his parents did to him and trust Teddy, especially when Teddy is trying so hard to keep him at arm’s length?

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I also have two preorders on eXtasy Books, Hopping to Happiness, which is a sweet short featuring a rabbit shifter (out March 6), and Davis, book 23 in the Council Enforcers series (out March 13).

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Legend of the Black-eyed Children is out today! It’s book 4 in the Urban Legends series and is available exclusively on Amazon, for sale and on Kindle Unlimited.

Cade thought he’d seen everything after the Bunny Man. Then he encounters black-eyed children.
Cade wants Fin to officially move in with him. The problem is that he can’t ask. It’s not because he doesn’t want to, but rather, because he’s terrified.
It’s easier to allow himself to be distracted by a series of disappearances, especially when Charlie, his personal assistant and a member of their weird family, is involved.
Then Charlie disappears. Cade and his friends don’t know where they are, but they have to find them before it’s too late.
Because the Black-eyed children have them, and that’s a death sentence.

Legend of the Black-eyed Children is book four in the Urban Legends series with an established relationship, demon-possessed children, a grumpy PI, his found family, and a cuddly hellhound.

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#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Dasha #paranormalromance #gayromance #mmromance + #giveaway

Dasha is out today on eXtasy Books! It’s book 9 in the Council Assassins Series.

Also, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, me and a bunch of other authors got together and organized a giveaway! Grab your free shorts before they’re gone! The giveaway will run until the 16th. Download the shorts here, and Dasha here.

First impressions aren’t always right.

Dasha has met his mate, and it’s a disaster. The man was present when the assassins and the enforcers raided the lab, and he was wearing a lab coat. Dasha has been living with the knowledge that the man he’s supposed to spend the rest of his life with is a monster ever since, but it’s eating at him, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Oxford was arrested while he was in that lab looking for his brother. He’s tried to tell the enforcers he had nothing to do with the scientists who worked there, but so far, no one has listened. He managed to escape his cell in the council jail, but he was caught again.

And this enforcer finally believes him.

When Dasha realizes Ox didn’t have anything to do with the lab, he and the other assassins agree to help him find his brother. They have no idea where to start, though, and they might be too late.