#snippet 1 Nysys #shapeshifters #GLBT

So, I might have forgotten to post the snippets for Nysys, even if i already had them ready. Oops?

To be honest, September’s been an hectic month for me. I was on holiday from the seventh to the nineteenth, I went to the UK Meet, and I’ve been working on two novellas, one short story, and three novels, all in different stages. For me who used to be a one project kind of girl, it’s a bit much 🙂

Anyway, you all will have some snippets, but only four, I’m afraid 🙂 I don’t have the cover yet and it’s totally my fault. I didn’t fully read my cover artist’s email (damn my phone for cutting it!) so I asked for a last minute change. But it’ll be ready for Thursday, don’t worry!