Reading Order

If you’re like me and you want to read everything in order, here’s the list! The titles in italic are from the Gillham Pack Series. The first two ones are better read along with the Whitedell Pride, but after that they kind of separate from it so the order doesn’t matter.

The Council Enforcers Series is set in the same universe, and it somewhat mix with the Gillham Pack Series, so it’s best read along with it.

The Wyoming Shifters: 12 Years Later is set in the same universe in the future. It’ll be the series of the children I introduced in Whitedell and Gillham, and the Council Enforcers Series will follow the same timeline, so there’s a jump forward after Caleb. The 12 Years Later series doesn’t have to be read along the Council Enforcers ones. Some characters might cross over, but the series are separate.

  1. Jamie
  2. Derick
  3. Nolan
  4. Finn
  5. Jeremy
  6. Oliver
  7. Ani
  8. Adrian
  9. Andrew
  10. Xavier
  11. Keenan
  12. Zach
  13. Jared
  14. Craig
  15. Troy
  16. Noah
  17. Nysys
  18. Rick
  19. Isaiah
  20. Arlen
  21. Shad
  22. Demi
  23. Jayden
  24. Elias
  25. Wes
  26. Jago
  27. Darin
  28. Merle
  29. Adan
  30. Elliott
  31. Delevan
  32. Mal
  33. Trevor
  34. Simon
  35. André
  36. Kir
  37. Benjamin
  38. Iggy
  39. Noem
  40. Dallas
  41. Aeron
  42. Clea
  43. Daniel (Council Enforcers)
  44. Nuallan
  45. Anthony (Council Enforcers)
  46. Calvin
  47. Kin (Council Enforcers)
  48. Sei
  49. Cerris (Council Enforcers)
  50. Geoffrey
  51. Yerad (Council Enforcers)
  52. Neriah
  53. Mael (Council Enforcers)
  54. Rabbit
  55. Damien (Council Enforcers)
  56. Shawn
  57. Jordan (Council Enforcers)
  58. Kanan
  59. Maximilian (Council Enforcers)
  60. Caleb (Council Enforcers)
  61. Asher (12 Years Later)
  62. Tristan (Council Enforcers)
  63. Jessie (Council Enforcers)
  64. Ned (12 Years Later)
  65. Lucas (Council Enforcers)
  66. Josh (12 Years Later)
  67. Ryan (Council Enforcers)
  68. Hugo (12 Years Later)
  69. Roark (Council Assassins short story–Spring Fever Anthology)
  70. Noel (Council Assassins)
  71. Xander (Council Enforcers)
  72. Beck (Council Assassins)
  73. Sterling (12 Years Later)
  74. Colin (Council Enforcers)
  75. Milo (Council Assassins)
  76. Nathan (12 Years Later)
  77. Grey (Council Enforcers)
  78. The Vacation From Hell (Council Assassins short story–Winter Magic Anthology)
  79. Evan (Council Assassins)
  80. Sasha (Council Enforcers)
  81. Brandon (12 Years Later)
  82. Win (Council Assassins)
  83. Michael (Council Enforcers)
  84. Lee (12 Years Later)
  85. Lawrence (Council Assassins)
  86. Pryderi (Council Enforcers)
  87. Gabriel (12 Years Later)
  88. Ulric (Council Assassins)
  89. Halloween Sabotage (Council Assassins short story–Autumn Feast Anthology)
  90. Justin (Council Enforcers)
  91. Galbraith (Green Hill Pride)
  92. Dasha (Council Assassins)
  93. Ollie (12 Years Later)
  94. Davis (Council Enforcers)
  95. Ellery (Green Hill Pride)
  96. Rocco (Council Assassins)
  97. Summer Trouble (Council Assassins short–Summer Heat Anthology)
  98. Lorcan (Council Enforcers)
  99. Valentine (Green Hill Pride)
  100. Julian (Council Assassins)
  101. Jonathan (Council Enforcers)
  102. Aaron (12 Years Later)
  103. Tony (Council Assassins)
  104. Niall (Green Hill Pride)
  105. Tanner (Council Enforcers)
  106. Miles (Council Assassins)
  107. Jude (Green Hill Pride)
  108. Jasper (Council Assassins)
  109. Moore (Mutants)
  110. Nestor (Green Hill Pride)
  111. Payne (Council Assassins)
  112. Robin (Green Hill Pride)
  113. Jessup (Mutants) out April 14
  114. Thedric (Green Hill Pride) out May 12
  115. Rowan (Krsnik Clan 1) out June 9

Demons Hearts Series:

  1. A Demon’s Heart
  2. A Demon’s Past
  3. A Demon’s Deliverance
  4. A Demon’s Salvation
  5. A Demon’s Happiness
  6. A Demon’s Choice

Demons Destinies:

  1. A Demon’s Future
  2. A Demon’s Humanity
  3. A Demon’s Opportunity
  4. A Demon’s Fortune (out February 24)

Free Shifters Series:

  1. Out of the Cage
  2. Learning Freedom
  3. A New Chapter (short story)
  4. The Next Chapter (Follows the couple from A New Chapter)
  5. Fresh Starts
  6. A Real Chance
  7. The Perfect Three

Allegheny Shifters Series:

  1. Unexpected Outcomes
  2. Easy to Love
  3. Beacon in the Darkness
  4. Family of the Heart
  5. Let Love In
  6. In Spite of Everything
  7. The Only Right Choice
  8. Perfectly Imperfect
  9. Everything He Needs
  10. Serendipity
  11. Side by Side (out May 26)

Life With Fangs series:

  1. Unexpected Fangs
  2. Beloved Fangs
  3. Perfect Fangs
  4. Surprise Fangs
  5. Stubborn Fangs
  6. Despised Fangs
  7. Fangs and Fur
  8. Deadly Fangs
  9. Burning Fangs
  10. Conflicting Fangs

Vikings series:

  1. Like Smoke
  2. Like Storms
  3. Like Choices
  4. Like Freedom
  5. Like Truth
  6. Like Changes

Legendary Shifters series:

  1. For the Love of a Unicorn
  2. For a Unicorn’s Happiness
  3. Rise from the Ashes
  4. Lost and Found
  5. Just Right
  6. Not Ordinary
  7. Flawed Assumptions
  8. Twist of Fate
  9. His Place in the World

Lost in Translation series:

  1. Concatenation
  2. Interpretation
  3. Leverage
  4. Alignment
  5. False Friends

Seven Brothers series:

  1. Christmas Swan
  2. Opposites Attract
  3. Leap of Faith
  4. Baby Steps
  5. New Strength
  6. As A Mule
  7. Trust the Heart

Elemental Unions series (Elemental Union short is book 0,50)

  1. Fire and Earth
  2. Earth and Water
  3. Air and Earth
  4. Water, Air, and Fire

Ogorth Clan series

  1. Blue Fire
  2. Green Way Out
  3. Black Savior
  4. Purple Flame
  5. Red Passion
  6. Turquoise Revelation
  7. Prickly Orange (out April 28)

Urban Legends series:

  1. Legend of the Black Dog
  2. Legend of the Vanishing Hitchhikers
  3. Legend of the Bunny Man
  4. Legend of the Black-eyed Children
  5. Legend of Bloody Mary

For the Gods’ Amusement:

  1. Inescapable
  2. Future Past
  3. Unlikely Savior
  4. Darkness Rising
  5. Last Bastion (out June 23)

It’s a Psychic World:

  1. Like Psychics and Dragons
  2. A Psychic of a Problem
  3. It Takes a Psychic
  4. A Psychic in Need

Mayport Pack

  1. A Better Life
  2. Where he Belongs

Mages & Dragons

  1. Sky High (out March 24)

29 thoughts on “Reading Order

  1. Hi, so I noticed Family-Gillham Pack #26 isn’t on the list. I’ve been reading these in order as much as possible, where does it fall?
    Thank you!


  2. Hi there – your big packs list has a couple of duplicates. Books 96 (Rocco) & 97 (Lorcan) repeat as Books 99 (Rocco) & 100 (Lorcan).


  3. From the Green Hill pride series book 2 Ellery does the man Cooper who moved to be with his mate have a book


  4. I noticed on your reading order that after Jordan that Kanan will be next. When will Kanan be available to read? I’m hooked on this series and love the characters.


  5. Hi I know that you said that the reading order doesn’t matter after the first couple books but could you update the list please


  6. I’m so happy I found your books. I’m eagerly awaiting each new release. I do have one question; will the mysterious Adrian Frost have a book? I can just imagine the wealthy powerful man/shifter meeting his mate. Maybe one that he can’t have without a lot of effort 🙂 hmmmm


      • In Adrian’s book there is this reference, “André something Frost—the one with the private plane—had given him free use of one of his properties.” (About 67% into the book) Perhaps this was what Jennifer was thinking of.


  7. Ciao Catherine, quanti nuovi personaggi!!! Una curiosità. Adrian è il dottore che devono rapire? E Xavier immagino sia il collega di Jeremy vero?
    Grazie 😉


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