#releaseday Aeron and #giveaway

As you all know, Aeron, the last Whitedell book, came out yesterday. It was weird to write that book knowing it was the last one, which is probably why I’m writing a short Christmas story set in the mansion and also why Nysys has already made an appearance in the first book of the Council Enforcers Series. There’s just no way to keep him away 🙂

I wanted to do something special for the release, but I’ve been having personal problems. You know that saying when it rains, it pours? Exactly. I swear that if I was reading about all this in a book, I’d think it was overly dramatic. So instead of whatever I thought to do, I’ll just give away two copies of Aeron, one for the direct comments on this post, and one for the comments on Facebook. Just tell me how you feel about the end of Whitedell and a new series in the same universe, and I’ll choose the winners next Saturday, and if you already have the book,  then you’ll win a copy of the first Council Enforcers Series book 🙂

If you don’t want to wait and see if you won, you can buy Aeron here http://www.extasybooks.com/Aeron/

Everyone deserves a second chance, even enemies.

Aeron first saw his mate on the battlefield. Jericho is a hunter, and after he was wounded, Dominic decided to keep him close inside the mansion’s infirmary. Aeron has been visiting him during the night because he’s not ready to talk to him just yet, but he knows things need to change, and fast.

Jericho thought he was going to be tortured and killed when he woke up in the shifters’ infirmary, but instead, they healed him and talked to him as if he hadn’t tried to kill them. Dominic Nash wants answers, and Jericho knows he can’t keep quiet forever, especially after finding out he’s the mate of one of the mansion’s inhabitants.

Most pride members don’t trust Jericho. He understands it, but he still wants to help since they were able to change his mind about shifters. He knows going back to Brad and the hunters might get him killed, but he needs to do it, both for Brad and for Aeron. Will he be able to stop Brad from attacking the pride again? And if he doesn’t, what will happen to the pride, and to him and Aeron as a couple?