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Jonathan is out today on the eXtasy Books website. You can buy it here right away, or next week on the website of other online retailers. It’s book 24 of the Council Enforcers Series, which means there’s only one left before the series is over!

In other news, Green Way Out, book 2 in the Ogorth Clan series, is up for preorder on the eXtasy Books website here. Release day is December 25!

Also, if you’re missing some of my backlist titles, there’s a sale going on at eXtasy Books! You can find all my book here, and you have until the end of the month to take advantage of the sale!

The fight is coming to Gillham.

That’s what Jonathan should be focusing on. Instead, he’s picking up Cedric, a mouse shifter who’s running from the Beasts and happens to have information on what the Beasts’ next step will be.

Cedric just wants to save his brother, who’s still in the Beasts’ hands. He knows he can’t do it on his own, which is why he decides to keep the date of the attack on Gillham to himself unless they help him get Archie back.

Neither of them had planned on being each other’s mate. Jonathan has to choose whether he’ll be there for Gillham or for his mate, while Cedric needs to decide what’s more important—saving his brother’s life, or saving the lives of everyone in Gillham?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks #ChristmasRomance #shifters #mmromance #LGBT

Another new release! Have a Foxy Christmas is out on the eXtasy Books website. You can grab it here today in whatever format you read in. It’s not related to any of my series, but it does features shifters 🙂

Will Christmas be ruined this year?

Thierry isn’t a chicken shifter—he’s a French hen shifter. He won’t let anyone call him a chicken, not even if the person doing it is a gorgeous man who saved him from a vicious attack. Okay, maybe not so vicious, since the fox who tried to eat Thierry was the man’s five-year-old niece, but still. Bishop is as infuriating as he is kiss-worthy, and Thierry isn’t planning on talking to him ever again.

And he doesn’t, until he tells his mother Bishop is his boyfriend and that he’ll bring him home for Christmas.

Bishop knows where he went wrong with Thierry, so when they meet again because Thierry’s car breaks down, he apologizes. He might enjoy getting a rise out of the gorgeous man, but he doesn’t want Thierry to hate him.

Apparently, Thierry doesn’t, since he told his mother they were dating.

They aren’t, although Bishop can easily imagine them together, even though he shouldn’t. He promised his sister he would always take care of her when their parents died, and he hasn’t changed his mind.

Is there space for Bishop’s sister, his niece, and Thierry in his life—and in his heart? Or will Bishop have to choose and possibly ruin Christmas for everyone, including himself?

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks The Only Right Choice #mmromance #shifters #ParanormalRomance

Another new release this week! This one if book 7 in the Allegheny Shifters series, and it’s Chris and Jacob’s story. You can get it here today on the eXtasy Books website. Release day for other online retailers should be December 4!

You can also preorder Have a Foxy Christmas on the eXtasy Books website here–release day is December 4.

How is Chris supposed to choose between his family and the man he loves?

Chris has always known he would become the next alpha. It’s his duty, and there’s no getting out of it.

Or is there?

Jacob and Chris fell in love during the time Chris spent hiding in cete territory. They couldn’t find a way to make things work long term because neither of them was ready to compromise.

Now, they are.

Chris is starting to realize he can’t live for his father. He has choices to make, and for once, he wants to think only of himself. Jacob never stopped loving him, and together, they can build a life that will make both of them happy.

When tragedy strikes, it tears Chris and Jacob apart for a second time. Will they make the right choice and find their way back to each other—forever this time? Or will they allow circumstances to make them miserable?

#NewRelease Deck the Demon #mmromance #ChristmasRomance #LGBT #ParanormalRomance

Deck the Demon is out! You can buy it or get it through KU. If you’re into holiday romances that include a fake relationship, an archangel, and a dead soul (and Satan, can’t forget him!), you can grab the book on Amazon!

Amazon US

Amazon Universal

It’s Christmas, and Archangel Gabriel wants to deck his demon with boughs of holly and have a merry little Christmas with him.

Gabriel hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Jasper, his brother’s PA, since he met him. He’s trying to do something about it, but so far, none of his dinner summons have worked, and he’s eaten too many meals with random demons.

Jasper has no idea what to think when Satan tells him Gabriel wants a date with him, but when Satan asks for something, he gets it. That’s the only reason Jasper agrees to go on a date with Gabriel.

The problems start when Gabriel tells Satan he and Jasper are dating even though they aren’t, and when he agrees to organize a Christmas dinner Riley, Satan’s boyfriend, was planning on taking care of before his plans changed. It’s Gabriel’s chance to heal his relationship with his brother, and hopefully, to make Jasper see how well they work together, even though one belongs in Heaven while the other belongs in Hell.

Will Gabriel and Jasper get their own Christmas miracle?

Deck the Demon is a Christmas story featuring the Archangel Gabriel, a dead soul who is very happy in Hell, thank you very much, an always grumpy Satan, and a cat who might or might not be possessed by the Archangel Michael.

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Julian #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #shifters #LGBTromance

Who likes rabbit shifter professional assassins?

Julian, book 11 in the Council Assassins Series, is out today on eXtasy Books. You can get it here in any format you read in.

Also out is the first bundle in the Whitedell Pride series, which you can grab here.

You don’t always have to fight alone.

Julian is on the run. He doesn’t know who’s after him, but he knows he’ll have to do something about it. The fact that he’s just met his mate makes everything more complicated, especially since Tali has known for much longer than he has and hasn’t told him.

Tali doesn’t want to have to choose between Julian and the council assassins. One is his mate, the other his family. Since Julian’s on the run, Tali knows  he’ll end up leaving, and Tali won’t be able to go with him.

But maybe Julian doesn’t have to go. Maybe he can accept the assassins’ help and work with them to find out who’s hunting him and do something about it.

It’s either that or be killed, and Julian isn’t about to allow that to happen.

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Leap of Faith #mmromance #LGBT #ParanormalRomance #shifters

Leap of Faith is out on eXtasy Books today! It’s book 3 in the Seven Brothers series, featuring seven swan shifter brothers. You can buy it here in any format you need. Preorders for other online retailers will be up on Monday.

How can Peter trust anyone when his own parents betrayed him?

Peter’s day is going from bad to worse. First he loses his job, then he finds out his apartment flooded. He has nothing left but his sister, and she lives in another city.

Sean doesn’t know what to expect when he agrees to give his best friend’s brother a job and a place to stay, but he feels sorry for the guy, especially when Peter calls him because his car broke down on his way to town.

Peter’s luck is rotten, or at least, it is until he meets Sean. Because Sean is his mate, and Peter is home with him.

He doesn’t feel that way, though. Peter wants to be with Sean, but he’s afraid. He can’t allow himself to depend on anyone, not even his mate. He has to show himself and the world that he can stand on his own two feet, but when it could mean losing Sean, he’ll have to make a decision.

Will he make the right one?

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Valentine #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #tiger #shifter #LGBT

Valentine is out on eXtasy Books today! You can buy it here, or if you prefer other retailers, wait until next week.

If you haven’t read the Council Enforcers Series yet, the first bundle is out! It includes the first three books in the series–Daniel, Anthony, and Kin. You can get it here on the eXtasy website or here on Amazon US.

The bad voices are always louder than the good ones.

Simon has no idea what he’s doing. He just got a job as the new alpha’s personal assistant, but he’s lost, and finding out that one of the humans repairing the roof is his mate isn’t helping, especially because he saw Simon fall on his face and heard him talk to himself.

Valentine enjoys his job. He enjoys watching Simon even more, though. He thinks Simon is adorable, even when he’s talking to himself, so when he gets the opportunity to talk to him, he grabs it with both hands.

Then Simon tells him they’re mates.

Valentine and Simon start dating, and everything is perfect, at least between them. Not everyone is happy for them, though, and Simon’s insecurities might mean the end of their relationship. Valentine is ready to fight for it, but will that be enough?

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Like Choices #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT #VikingRomance

Like Choices is out today! You can buy it on the eXtasy Books website here, while the preorders for other online retailers should be available on Monday.

I can’t remember who suggested the leshy in one of the FB parties I attended as a paranormal creature they were interested in, but if you’re reading this, thank you!

Their love is forbidden, but they can’t stay away from each other.

Haven is a hero. He was born to hunt and kill supernatural creatures, which is exactly what he’s done for hundreds of years.

Until he couldn’t anymore.

The conclave is giving him one last chance to prove to them that they can trust him. They send him to kill a leshy who kidnaps children and kills their parents.

Or at least, that’s what Haven is told.

Dimitri saves abused children. He kills their parents and finds them new families, and he’s not planning on stopping, not even when the conclave sends yet another hero after him.

But this hero is different.

Haven listens to Dimitri, which is a first for the conclave. Unfortunately for both of them, the conclave won’t listen to reason, and once they’re on the run, they can only rely on each other, especially after Dimitri is wounded. Haven steps up as his protector, but they both know it can’t last. A hero and a supernatural creature are too different to fall in love, and now that he’s realized how wrong he was, Haven needs to find his way to redemption.

Can Dimitri really trust Haven with his life? And just as important—can he trust him with his heart?

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Air and Earth #FourElements #LGBT #mmromance #paranormal

Air and Earth is out today! It’s book 3 in the Elemental Unions series, and you can buy it on the eXtasy Books website here. Preorders for Amazon will be up on Monday, with a September 18 release date.

Are the four elements better separated, or together?

Purity is still a problem. Henry wishes he could get rid of the secret group trying to sabotage his business and the relationship between elements, but since they’re a secret, he doesn’t even know where to start. He has other things to focus on, though—his brother is still healing, he just lost his best friend, and he’s in love with his bodyguard. All in all, his life is a mess.

Alcott has been Henry’s bodyguard since Purity decided to target him and Edward. He’s also been in love with him since then, but he knows better than to do anything about it. Henry already has too many things on his hands without adding Alcott’s probably unrequired feelings to it.

But Alcott’s feelings might not be as unrequired as he thought, which is a good thing. Henry’s meddlesome grandfather, on the other hand, isn’t, especially not when he tries to convince Henry’s ex-fiancée to try to get back with Henry.

And of course, there’s Purity, who’s still threatening every element wielder who doesn’t agree with them, and who might be closer than Henry and Alcott suspect.

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Lost and Found #Legendary #Shifters #LGBT #mmromance #Phoenix #DireWolf

Lost and Found is out today! It’s book 4 in the Legendary Shifters series and features Lennox, Casey’s silent phoenix twin! You can get it here on the eXtasy Books website. Preorder on Amazon should be up on Monday.

A baby lost—a man found.

Lennox is a silent protector. He’s more than happy to let his twin do the talking, but in this case, he can’t, because he’s met his mate, and he’s the only one who can get to know Owen—which might be hard, because even Owen doesn’t know himself.

Owen was adopted into the Springfield pack, but he never belonged. While he wasn’t abused, his father made sure he knew he wasn’t loved and that he knew something was wrong with him. He doesn’t know what that something is, but it has to do with shifting, which he was forbidden to do.

Between Lennox and his new home, Owen finds the strength to go against his adoptive father’s will and shifts. Instead of the monster he expected, he shifts into a special kind of wolf—a dire wolf.

But dire wolf shifters are said to be extinct, and if they aren’t, how did Owen end up in Springfield?