Green Hill Pride Series

Set in the same universe as Whitedell, Gillham, Wyoming Shifters: 12 Years Later, Council Enforcers, and Council Assassins.


Sometimes the unexpected is exactly what you need.

The Green Hill pride is a mess. Their alpha and their beta were arrested for attempted kidnapping, and the pride is leaderless and waiting for the council to decide what their fate will be. When the council calls to tell them they’re sending a temporary alpha, Liam is relieved. He doesn’t want the pride—his home since he was born—to disappear. Most pride members aren’t happy about someone who’s not one of them becoming their alpha, but if that’s what it takes to allow the pride to survive, Liam is all for it.

The Green Hill pride is just business for Galbraith. He’s worked for the council for a decade, and during that time, he’s been sent all over the country to help shifter groups heal and find their way out of trouble. He doesn’t expect the pride to be any different, and mostly, it’s not.

But one thing is.

The last thing both Gal and Liam expected was to realize they’re mates. Gal is here to work, not to be distracted by Liam, and they both know their bond could complicate everything and feed the dislike of the people who don’t want Gal there. But if Gal doesn’t manage to heal the pride and help them find a way to survive, it will disappear, and his relationship with Liam right along with it.


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Standing up for yourself can be impossibly hard.

Ellery should be free. Alpha Carter is gone, and now that the Green Hill pride has Gal, things are getting better. But Ellery is tainted by his father’s attempt at killing the alpha mate, and no one will let him forget it or show that he didn’t have anything to do with his father’s plan.

Forest isn’t in Green Hill to stay. He’s doing Gal a favor by playing beta to his alpha for a while, but he’s never been one to stay in one place. He can’t, not unless he wants his mother to drag him home and finally seal the arranged marriage with the alpha’s daughter.

Ellery isn’t going anywhere, while Forest is planning to leave. But when they meant, they realize their mates—and that something needs to change.


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The bad voices are always louder than the good ones.

Simon has no idea what he’s doing. He just got a job as the new alpha’s personal assistant, but he’s lost, and finding out that one of the humans repairing the roof is his mate isn’t helping, especially because he saw Simon fall on his face and heard him talk to himself.

Valentine enjoys his job. He enjoys watching Simon even more, though. He thinks Simon is adorable, even when he’s talking to himself, so when he gets the opportunity to talk to him, he grabs it with both hands.

Then Simon tells him they’re mates.

Valentine and Simon start dating, and everything is perfect, at least between them. Not everyone is happy for them, though, and Simon’s insecurities might mean the end of their relationship. Valentine is ready to fight for it, but will that be enough?

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4. Niall

Can the wrong choice also be the right one?

Niall doesn’t have a problem with shifters, but can anyone blame him for not trusting them entirely? It has nothing to do with who they are, but rather with the fact that the pride has been in hiding for too long—okay, and maybe it’s because both his best friend and his dad are dating shifters, and he’s kind of jealous.

Billy didn’t mean to become a runaway groom. Instead of marrying his long-time boyfriend, he’s back in his childhood room in Green Hill, and he has every intention of hiding there as long as he can.

But Billy’s mom is dating someone, and while Billy is happy for her, he wishes he could avoid the man’s son, Niall. Niall is rude and doesn’t let Billy forget he almost ran him over with his car—he was overwhelmed, all right?

There’s no ignoring that Niall is Billy’s mate, though, no matter how much Billy wishes he could. Finding his mate is the last thing he needs, especially when Niall is the grumpiest man he knows. Can he ignore their bond, though? And even if he wants to give this a try, will Niall?


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5. Jude

Family is more than blood.

Jude isn’t one for one-night stands, especially when he has a cold, but he can’t resist the cute guy he meets at his best friend’s mom’s wedding. The quickie in the bathroom leaves him satisfied, yet not, because he knows he won’t see the guy ever again.

The last thing Flynn expected was to be introduced to the guy he had sex with at his father’s wedding during a family dinner a few weeks later. Since Jude seems as surprised as Flynn feels, Flynn acts like they’ve never seen each other, but that doesn’t last long after Jude drags him into the bathroom—again.

Jude’s life is a mess, and adding meeting his mate to the mix doesn’t help. It becomes worse when his brother lands on his doorstep after a fight with their bigoted parents. He doesn’t want to give up the chance to be with his mate, but will Flynn accept not being a priority for Jude, at least for a while?


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6. Nestor

Sometimes the only solution is to stop running.

Nestor didn’t expect much when he left his parents behind because they couldn’t accept him for who he was, but when he found his brother, he also found a new home and a family.

And now, a mate.

Nestor freaks out. His parents couldn’t accept him for who he was, and he’s terrified Jordan won’t be able to, either. The fact that his mother keeps texting and threatening him doesn’t help, and neither does having to get used to living in a new town, going to a new school, and meeting new people every day. Nestor needs to stop running, but can he?

Jordan and the Green Hill pride are finally free of their old alpha, and he’s taking advantage of it. For the first time in his life, he has a new apartment and a job, and he loves both of them. He’d also love it if his mate would talk to him instead of running every time they’re in the same room.

Nestor is only eighteen, and Jordan is just a couple of years older. They’re way too young to bond, but can they be together anyway? And can Nestor leave his past and his parents behind to focus on the future he has in Green Hill?


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7. Robin

When something is too good to be true, it probably is.

The last thing Robin wants is to rely on the man who left him at the altar, but when he has no one else to turn to, he runs to Green Hill—and Billy. They were friends before, and he hopes he can forgive Billy and heal from the heartache, especially since he has no intention of leaving now that he’s here.

Miko’s only nineteen, way too young to meet his mate, yet there he is. Miko isn’t sure what to do with a mate, but he’s willing to give it a chance. He knows he did the right thing when the grandparents he’s never met reach out to him. They want to get to know him, but there’s a reason Miko’s father left them behind, and even though they insist they changed, it sounds too good to be true.

And maybe, it is.

But Robin is there to support Miko every step of the way, so maybe there’s some truth in the belief that mates find each other when they do for a reason.


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8. Thedric

Can two mates with very different backgrounds make it work?

Thedric’s life is neat and tidy. He has his job, his parents, and his wife, and it’s been that way for the past twenty years. So what if he yearns for more? So what if he wants love and a real family that will love him the way he imagines families love each other?

Les has watched his nephews meet their mates, and between them and his brother, he’s starting to wonder if his time will ever come. He’s not lonely, but he does feel alone sometimes, and at forty-four, it feels like he missed his opportunity.

When Thedric allows his brother to drag him to a family birthday party, he doesn’t expect to meet his mate, and he doesn’t know what to do with Les. Their lives are so different that they feel they can’t mesh together, and while Thedric is ready to do everything to make it work, Les is more hesitant.

Can Thedric leave his lavish life behind, or will he bow to his parents’ demands that he stay married? And if he does leave his old life behind, can he and Les make it work, or are they too different and set in their ways to welcome a mate in their lives?


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