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Jude is out today on the eXtasy Books website! You can get it here in whatever format you read in. As for other online retailers, the book should come out there next week.

Family doesn’t end in blood.

Jude isn’t one for one-night stands, especially when he has a cold, but he can’t resist the cute guy he meets at his best friend’s mom’s wedding. The quickie in the bathroom leaves him satisfied, yet not, because he knows he won’t see the guy ever again.

The last thing Flynn expected was to be introduced to the guy he had sex with at his father’s wedding during a family dinner a few weeks later. Since Jude seems as surprised as Flynn feels, Flynn acts like they’ve never seen each other, but it doesn’t last long after Jude drags him into the bathroom—again.

Jude’s life is a mess, and adding meeting his mate to the mix doesn’t help. It becomes worse when his brother lands on his doorstep after a fight with their bigoted parents. He doesn’t want to give up the chance to be with his mate, but will Flynn accept not being a priority for Jude, at least for a while?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Miles #ParanormalRomance #mmromance #LGBT #Shifters

Miles is out today on the eXtasy Books website! It’s book 13 in the Council Assassins Series. You can get it here in whatever format you normally read. Release day for other online retailers is next week.

What happens when the man you’re fated to be with is a professional assassin?

Miles is going after the people who hurt his best friend. He’d thought the shifter world was finally done with labs and doctors who experimented on them, but he was wrong, and he has every intention of fixing that.

Preston just wants his best friend back. Jasper was kidnapped, and Preston knows he’s being hurt. He’s lucky Jasper managed to call him and that he’s a decent hacker, but he’s only one man. How is he supposed to break into a government lab and rescue his friend?

Things get both more complicated and easier when Miles and Preston meet. Preston is horrified to find out he’s the mate of a professional assassin, but Miles and his friends can give him the help he needs to break into the lab. Miles is ready to do this and much more for Preston, even if Preston decides to leave afterward.

Will Preston be able to accept Miles and what he does for Jasper’s sake? And if he can, what happens once Jasper is free?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Like Truth #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT

Like Truth is out today! It’s book 5 in the Vikings series. You can get it today on the eXtasy Books website here in whatever format you need. Release day on other online retailers should be September 17.

The truth is still the truth, no matter how hard it is to accept.

Bayard’s mission in life is simple: fight against the conclave and protect humanity and supernatural creatures alike. To do that, he and the other heroes who left the conclave need the help of everyone they can convince, including heroes who still believe the conclave is doing the right thing like Percival.

Percival was captured by the fallen heroes and is sitting in a cell. It’s admittedly a nice cell, but Percival has no intention of joining the fallen heroes.

When Percival’s siren half surfaces, Percival panics. He can’t go back to a conclave that would kill him if they found out about it, but he still believes in the conclave’s mission to protect humanity. There’s no place for him with them, but is there one with the fallen heroes?

Bayard wants Percival to see the truth about the conclave, and he hopes to do that by linking them together using a spell. They can’t be apart while the spell is active, but can they learn to live together? Or will Percival run back to the conclave as soon as he finds a way to?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT

A Demon’s Future is out today! If you’ve rad the Demons Hearts series, you’ll already know Esau, Sal’s brother. If you haven’t, you can read this book anyway! It’s not necessary to read the Demons Hearts series first, but if you’re curious about Sal and Harrison, that’s where you’ll find their book.

You can get A Demon’s Future here.

What are you supposed to do when changes barge into your cave?

Esau doesn’t deal with other demons, and he certainly doesn’t deal with children—except apparently when they run in his home after being kidnapped. Esau has no idea what to do with the little girl, but he won’t allow the demons after her to hurt her, even if it means he has to leave his home and make the one-week trek to the closest portal to the human realm.

Lazarus just wanted to visit his best friend in the human realm, so how did he end up saddled with a childhood friend he hasn’t talked to in decades, plus a child? He can’t abandon Esau and Cyarea, no matter how much he doesn’t want the complications they bring in his life.

As the three of them travel toward the portal, circumstances bring them together. Will Esau and Lazarus manage to find Cyarea’s parents? And whether they can or not, what will it mean for the feelings growing between them?



#NewRelease #ParanormalRomance #mmromance #shifters #CircusRomance

Never Look Back is out today, and look at that gorgeous cover!

This was a lot of fun to write and I can’t wait to delve back into the series (although it’ll have to wait until I’m done torturing the Archangel Michael for my Christmas book), although I’m not quite sure who book 2 will be about. I’m open to suggestions!

The book is only available on Amazon, both for sale and on KU.

Amazon US

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The Paranormal Circus is in town.

Fane isn’t an idiot. He knows his parents are manipulative. He just doesn’t know what to do about it or even if he can do anything about it.

Talbot is the circus’ ringmaster and the alpha of their unofficial pack. He and his predecessor have been collecting outcasts and loners for years, but he didn’t expect to find one in this small town, too. He’s fascinated with Fane and his contradiction, but no matter how much he wants Fane to come with them, he can’t make that decision for him.

Fane has always been fascinated with the paranormal circus, and especially with the trapeze. He’s a great glider shifter, but his parents have forbidden him to shift. With the circus, he finds freedom, but also hope—and, possibly, love.

But to keep all of that, Fane has to let go of his past and his parents. They’re the only thing he knows and can rely on, and no matter how much he likes the circus and everyone who works there, he doesn’t know if the future they offer him is something he should let himself think of, let alone take.

The circus won’t stay in town forever, and Fane has to make a decision. Will he choose a secure past or a tempting future?


#NewRelease #eXtasyBooks Fangs and Fur #ParanormalRomance #LGBTRomance #Shifters

Fangs and Fur is out on the eXtasy Books website! It’s book 7 in the Life with Fangs series and features a should-be-enemies to lovers couple. You can get it here.

I also set up a preorder for Never Look Back, book one in the Paranormal Circus series! It’ll be available only on Amazon and will come out August 24!

Never Look Back Amazon US

Never Look Back Amazon Universal

When fangs meet fur, the line between enemies and lovers blurs.

Robin works for the conclave, and it’s not always easy, especially when the job involves fighting griffins. Just his luck that he’s wounded by one—and that he’s found unconscious by a werewolf.

Werewolves and vampires don’t get along. Kieran was raised to think that, but when he finds a bleeding vampire in the forest, he can’t abandon him, even though his alpha father will blow up when he finds out.

When Robin wakes up, he doesn’t know what to think of Kieran, but the man is right that Robin is in bad shape and nowhere near able to walk on his own. It means hiding out in Kieran’s house with Kieran and his cats, and while Robin is initially wary, he can’t deny Kieran is a good person, werewolf or not.

But Robin has a job to go back to, and Kieran is supposed to take his father’s place as their pack’s alpha one day. Werewolves and vampires only mix to kill each other, so Robin and Kieran can’t possibly work as a couple—or can they?


#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Like Psychics and Dragons #ParanormalRomance #mmromance #LGBTRomance #DragonShifter

Like Psychics and Dragons is out on the eXtasy Books website! You can get it here.

As you’ll see, eXtasy’s new website is live. If you’re having trouble like I was, make sure to clear your browsing history and cookies! That should do the trick, although feel free to reach out. And make sure to take advantage of the backlist books sale! My books can be found on my author page here.

Since the website is new, I need to update all the eXtasy links on this website, which as you can imagine, is going to take a while. I’ll work through all the pages little by little, so if you’re looking for a book in particular, you should go straight to https://www.extasybooks.com/ and search there for now.


Lindsey and Jerome get along like cats and dogs.

Lindsey sees ghosts. They make his life complicated, because most don’t take no for an answer, which is why he just got fired again. His only way to find a steady job is to work for someone who wants him to talk to ghosts, which is why he applies for a job at a PI agency. The problem is that he hates one of the PIs, and the man hates him.

Jerome wouldn’t say he hates Lindsey. He strongly dislikes him, and he has no intention of working with him. The only reason his partner convinced him to give this a try is that they’re stuck trying to solve the last case they were hired for, and they need results.

But those results aren’t what they expect. Lindsey isn’t what they expect, and when Jerome and Lindsey find themselves investigating a murder and getting shot at, Jerome will have to choose—can he trust Lindsey, or will his irrational hatred of humans doom both of them to death?


Updated release date for Like Psychics and Dragons

Like Psychics and Dragons was scheduled to come out next week, but eXtasy Books’ new website will go live over the next few weeks, so release date has been pushed back to July 30. All other release dates will stay the same.

And since the old website will go dark soon, make sure to download your library and/or take snapshots of your bookshelves, as well as using up your credits!

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Not Ordinary #ParanormalRomance #Shifters #LGBT #mmromance

Not Ordinary is out today! It’s book 6 in the Legendary Shifters and is Peregrine’s book. You can get it here on the eXtasy Books website (which by the way is finally going to be updated so make sure to download all your books and use your credits!)
Running isn’t always the best option—or the right one.
Peregrine has been on the run most of his life. His ability to heal makes him a target, and some people will go to any lengths to get their hands on him. But as long as he doesn’t heal anyone, his magic can’t be used to locate him. He’s safe in Rosewood, and for the first time in his twenty-nine years, he’s able to make friends.
Jarvis is dull. He’s not athletic or popular like his siblings, and he’s always been aware of that. Even his job at the coffee shop is boring, but he enjoys it, and it allows him to watch the people he wishes he could be friends with, including the newcomer, Peregrine.
Peregrine doesn’t understand why he’s intrigued by Jarvis until they get close and they realize they’re mates. It’s not just that, though. No matter how ordinary Jarvis thinks he is, he’s anything but, and Peregrine falls for the man he is, not for the bond between them.
When Jarvis is hurt, Peregrine doesn’t think twice about helping him. He can’t heal him, but he can take his pain away, even though it means the people who are after him will find him. Peregrine has to run again so he can keep Jarvis and the pack safe, but Jarvis is stubborn and follows him.
Will they be able to run fast enough that the people trying to capture Peregrine won’t get their hands on him? Or will Peregrine lose everything he never allowed himself to wish for right after he found it?

#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Inescapable #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #LGBT

Inescapable is out today! It’s book one in a new series featuring gods from several pantheons. I started with the Egyptian gods because I’ve always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt, but there’s also a peek of Loki (who will probably have book 3).

You can get the book on the eXtasy Books website here. It should be out on Amazon early next week!

Duty can be inescapable for everyone, even a god.

Sed might be a god, but that doesn’t mean he wants to live as one. That’s why he left his family years ago, and why he’s not looking forward to going back. The only reason he agrees is that as the protector of kingship, he’s needed to help the new king go through his coronation ceremony. Once that’s over, Sed has every intention of going home.

Mery never wanted or expected to be king. But he’s a descendant of the old pharaohs, and agreeing to sit on the throne means helping his family, so he doesn’t hesitate. Being king isn’t quite what he expected, though, and he suspects something is happening he doesn’t know about.

Once Sed gets to know Mery, he knows he can’t just leave as soon as the crown is on his head. Someone is plotting and trying to manipulate Mery, and Sed can’t abandon him when he needs him most.

The fact that he’s falling in love with Mery complicates everything.

Mery is the new king, while Sed is a god, albeit a minor one. Will Sed be able to keep him safe, or will they both lose everything they’d never thought they’d have?