#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Flawed Assumptions #mmromance #ParanormalRomance #Shifters #RareShifters

Flawed Assumptions is out today! It’s book 6 in the Legendary Shifters series and features a griffin shifter, which I’ve been looking forward to writing for a while!

You can get the book here on the eXtasy Books website in whatever format you need today! Release day on other online retailers will be next week.

Happy holidays!

Flawed assumptions can keep you back.

Everly is a runner. In his case, it’s a necessity since he’s a griffin shifter, and selling him on the black market could earn someone a pretty penny. But Everly doesn’t fancy being sold, so he heads to Rosewood when someone tries catching him again.

Kyle is a protector, not a lawyer or a doctor like his mother wants him to be. That’s why he signed up for the new security team his alpha put together. It’s just his luck that he’s the one to find Everly when the man walks into pack territory.

It’s not until later that they realize they’re mates.

Everly wants Rosewood to become his home, but he’s never had one, and there are still people after him. He’s been dealing with this for the past ten years, and he doesn’t need anyone to protect him.

Or maybe he does. Kyle wants Everly to stay, and Everly wants the same. Will they be able to make Rosewood safe for Everly and all the other rare shifters out there, or will they fail and lose each other?


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