#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Like Psychics and Dragons #ParanormalRomance #mmromance #LGBTRomance #DragonShifter

Like Psychics and Dragons is out on the eXtasy Books website! You can get it here.

As you’ll see, eXtasy’s new website is live. If you’re having trouble like I was, make sure to clear your browsing history and cookies! That should do the trick, although feel free to reach out. And make sure to take advantage of the backlist books sale! My books can be found on my author page here.

Since the website is new, I need to update all the eXtasy links on this website, which as you can imagine, is going to take a while. I’ll work through all the pages little by little, so if you’re looking for a book in particular, you should go straight to https://www.extasybooks.com/ and search there for now.


Lindsey and Jerome get along like cats and dogs.

Lindsey sees ghosts. They make his life complicated, because most don’t take no for an answer, which is why he just got fired again. His only way to find a steady job is to work for someone who wants him to talk to ghosts, which is why he applies for a job at a PI agency. The problem is that he hates one of the PIs, and the man hates him.

Jerome wouldn’t say he hates Lindsey. He strongly dislikes him, and he has no intention of working with him. The only reason his partner convinced him to give this a try is that they’re stuck trying to solve the last case they were hired for, and they need results.

But those results aren’t what they expect. Lindsey isn’t what they expect, and when Jerome and Lindsey find themselves investigating a murder and getting shot at, Jerome will have to choose—can he trust Lindsey, or will his irrational hatred of humans doom both of them to death?


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