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Water, Air, and Fire is out today on the eXtasy Books website! Release day on other websites is Friday 19 next week, but you can download it here in any format you need right now!

The elements are meant to work together, not to be separated.

Matias is a freak, or at least, that’s what his mother has told him all his life. He can wield two elements, which isn’t great when there’s a group of people claiming elements shouldn’t mix—especially since Matias’s mother is part of that group.

Reed is only in town to visit his brother, but when Bay tells him someone is in danger, he doesn’t hesitate to go to the rescue. Matias is wary of him, but Reed feels protective of him, to the point that he decides to stick around, even though it might be dangerous.

Now that they know who created Purity, Matias, Reed, and their friends need to destroy it. Matias agrees with that, but he’s overwhelmed by his secret, meeting his father for the first time, and Reed. He’s torn over his mother being part of Purity, but he knows there’s only one acceptable outcome to the situation—Purity needs to disappear.


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