#NewRelease Deck the Demon #mmromance #ChristmasRomance #LGBT #ParanormalRomance

Deck the Demon is out! You can buy it or get it through KU. If you’re into holiday romances that include a fake relationship, an archangel, and a dead soul (and Satan, can’t forget him!), you can grab the book on Amazon!

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Amazon Universal

It’s Christmas, and Archangel Gabriel wants to deck his demon with boughs of holly and have a merry little Christmas with him.

Gabriel hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Jasper, his brother’s PA, since he met him. He’s trying to do something about it, but so far, none of his dinner summons have worked, and he’s eaten too many meals with random demons.

Jasper has no idea what to think when Satan tells him Gabriel wants a date with him, but when Satan asks for something, he gets it. That’s the only reason Jasper agrees to go on a date with Gabriel.

The problems start when Gabriel tells Satan he and Jasper are dating even though they aren’t, and when he agrees to organize a Christmas dinner Riley, Satan’s boyfriend, was planning on taking care of before his plans changed. It’s Gabriel’s chance to heal his relationship with his brother, and hopefully, to make Jasper see how well they work together, even though one belongs in Heaven while the other belongs in Hell.

Will Gabriel and Jasper get their own Christmas miracle?

Deck the Demon is a Christmas story featuring the Archangel Gabriel, a dead soul who is very happy in Hell, thank you very much, an always grumpy Satan, and a cat who might or might not be possessed by the Archangel Michael.

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