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Opposites Attract is out today! It’s book two in the Seven Brothers series (book one was my Christmas release, Christmas Swan). Release day on Amazon will be next week on the 29th is everything goes the way it should. It might be slower on other online retailers, but unfortunately, once the book is uploaded, it’s out of eXtasy’s hands!

You can buy Opposites Attract here on the eXtasy website, and preorder Earth and Water, book two in the Elemental Unions book, that will be out May 22, here.

What happens when boring meets colorful?

Leon isn’t jealous of his best friend. Really, he isn’t. He doesn’t do relationships, so while he’s happy that Manuel has found the man of his life, he’s not planning to follow down his path.

Hugh likes his life the way it is—familiar and predictable—even though most people, including his brothers, think he’s boring.

He’s in for the shock of his life when he meets Leon. Leon is the opposite of him. He’s colorful and happy, always talking and having fun.

He’s also Hugh’s mate.

Hugh doesn’t know what to do with that, and after Leon tells him he doesn’t date, Hugh steps back, unsure whether or not he should tell Leon he’s his mate.

Hugh can’t keep it a secret forever, but can he ignore everything that makes him who he is and throw himself into what could be the happiest relationship of his life? And if he does, will Leon agree to take a chance, or will he run away like he’s used to doing?


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