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I’m late! I was supposed to post this on Friday, but I’m dealing with bronchitis again, and it’s no fun :/

In Spite of Everything, book 6 in the Allegheny Shifters series, is out on the eXtasy website! You can find it here, and if you buy on Amazon, the preorder is available on Amazon US here and Universal here.

The first bundle of the series is also out and on preorder. It holds the first 3 books for only $7.50, which is a bargain since the books in this series are quite long! You can buy it on the eXtasy website here, or preorder on Amazon US here and Universal here.

As always, the books will be available on other online stores, although how long it will take is anyone’s guess unfortunately. Once a book is uploaded, it’s out of eXtasy’s hands!

And one last thing–if you’re missing any book of my or other eXtasy author’s backlist, there’s a sale until April 30th! It’s 30% off, so run 🙂


Can two carriers be together?

Julian didn’t expect to have a second chance at life. Then his son dragged him out of the forest, and he met Kaspar.

Kaspar thought he’d eventually go home now that the carriers in the forest are free, but Julian walked into his life and made him rethink everything.

Julian and Kaspar want to be together, but even with the new laws and the majority of the council on their side, it doesn’t mean that people will look kindly at two carriers who want to be together, even if one of them thinks he can’t have any more children.

That’s only one of their problems. Kaspar is much younger than Julian, who already has an adult son. Julian doesn’t know how to live with people after spending the past twenty-five years in the forest.

And the humans are coming, something that could cause more problems than anything they are prepared for.


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