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Ellery, book 2 in the Green Hill Pride series, is now available on the eXtasy Books website. You can buy it here, and it will be available on other websites next week.

You can also find the new Allegheny Shifters series bundle up for preorder here. The first three books in the series at only $7.50! It’s a great opportunity to start the series since book 6 will be out this month! In Spite of Everything is also available for preorder here, and both will be available on April 24.

Standing up for yourself can be impossibly hard.

Ellery should be free. Alpha Carter is gone, and now that the Green Hill pride has Gal, things are getting better. But Ellery is tainted by his father’s attempt at killing the alpha mate, and no one will let him forget it or show that he didn’t have anything to do with his father’s plan.

Forest isn’t in Green Hill to stay. He’s doing Gal a favor by playing beta to his alpha for a while, but he’s never been one to stay in one place. He can’t, not unless he wants his mother to drag him home and finally seal the arranged marriage with the alpha’s daughter.

Ellery isn’t going anywhere, while Forest is planning to leave. But when they meant, they realize their mates—and that something needs to change.


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