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Two releases today!

Legend of the Bunny Man is book three in the Urban Legends series and is available on Amazon, bot for sale and on KU. If you like serial killer ghosts, this is for you! and if you were wondering–it IS an actual urban legend!

Surprise Fangs is book four in the Life with Fangs series and is available on eXtasy Books from today, next week on Amazon.

Legend of the Bunny Man

The Bunny Man is on the hunt.
Cade is more than happy to ignore any supernatural case that comes his way, but he knows the same doesn’t go for the others. He’s not surprised when Charlie pushes him to accept a case that involves several strange deaths, and he can’t deny he’s curious since the man who hired them is one of the police detectives working on the case.
Fin doesn’t mind ghosts, but he’d rather not have them try to kill him and the people he loves, which is exactly what happens when they go after the ghost killing people and hanging them from bridges. The bunny costume the serial killer ghost wears makes him even creepier, and with Dacey unsure if he can banish the ghost, one of them could become his next victim.
And that’s without adding Dacey’s abusive ex-boyfriend into the mix.

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Amazon Universal


Surprise Fangs

What happens when supernatural beings collide and hybrids are created?

Falkner is a dhampir, a human-vampire hybrid. They’re rare and not well accepted by the supernatural world in general, which is why he’s never told anyone, not even his best friend with benefits, Andrew. That plus knowing he’ll eventually lose him when Andrew falls in love pushed Falkner to try to put some distance between them.

Andrew knows something is going on with Falkner. He’s been in love with him for years, but he’s never had the guts to tell him, not even now that they’ve crossed the line from being only friends to being more. He’s terrified he’ll lose Falkner and their friendship, and those two things are the most important in his life.

The only reason Richie agreed to move in with the coven is that he wants to help James learn control over his shift and his wolf. He never expected to start falling in love with two vampires, especially since Falkner and Andrew are already an item—kind of.

Richie’s presence pushes Falkner and Andrew to finally talk, but he’s not the only new one in town. A group of dhampirs has moved in, and even though Falkner wants to believe the best of them, Andrew and Richie suspect there is more to the group than what they allow Falkner to see.

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