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Happy holidays! I have two new releases for you today!

The first one is book two in the Urban Legends series, Legend of the Vanishing Hitchhikers. It’s available for sale and on Kindle Unlimited. If you like ghosts and mysteries (and Scooby Doo!) this might be the perfect book for you!

Where is Sarah?
Cade is sticking to normal cases. He swore to it after the hellhound thing, even though Fluffy now comes to the office every day and he’s as good as a puppy—as long as no one threatens his owner, Dacey. But Cade doesn’t want anything to do with all that weird stuff Dacey has brought with him, even though these new cases are bringing in work and money. He’s content to let Fin and Dacey work on them, even if it means he has to follow cheating spouses. Still, he’s more than happy to accept the missing person case when a woman comes in needing help to find her daughter, Sarah. 
Fin is working with Dacey on finding a ghost. He’d never thought he’d do anything like this a few months ago, yet here he is, and he loves it. It helps that the vanishing hitchhiker he meets along the way is a nice guy, even though he’s dead. But Fin is worried about Cade, who’s been pushing him away ever since they finally spent the night together. Fin isn’t giving up, even though breaking down Cade’s walls is hard work, but chasing ghosts and a missing girl isn’t making things easy on either of them.
But then their cases intersect, and Cade has to face the truth—maybe he’s looking for a ghost, too.

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Lievens_UrbanLegends_2A_Hitchickers SM

My second release is Alignment, book 4 in the Lost in Translation series. It’s avaibale on the eXtasyBooks website and will be up for preoder on Amazon shortly.

What happens when a dead man isn’t really dead?

Dorran’s father is supposed to be dead.

But he’s not.

Dorran is finally settling in—things with Eli’s parents are going well, even though Eli’s mom is still uncomfortable with their relationship, and Eli seems to be more accepting of Dorran’s ability to see ghosts and Francis’ presence in their life.

Then Dorran opens his door to find his father, Angus, on the other side.

Dorran grew up thinking his father was dead. That’s what his mother told him, and Dorran never doubted her. He clearly should have, though, and now he’s confused and unsure whether or not he wants a relationship with his father.

But when Angus is arrested for the murder of his mother-in-law, Dorran can’t abandon him. Angus might have done exactly that when Dorran was three, but that’s not the kind of man Dorran is.

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