#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Justin AND extra #Christmasromance release on Amazon!

I have two new releases today 🙂

Satan Claus is Coming to Town is a sweet Christmas story about Satan getting a letter meant for Santa and finding love. You can find it on Amazon, where it’s available for sale and on Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon US

Amazon Universal Link

Dear Satan Claus…
That’s how the letter Satan received starts. The little girl who wrote it asking for her father to be happy again meant it for someone else, and while that’s obvious, Satan doesn’t care. Santa will never find out, as long as Satan’s nosy assistant, Jasper, doesn’t tell him. Satan isn’t sure why he decides to watch Zoe and her dad, except that he’s bored and lonely. He surprises himself when he moves into the house next to theirs and introduces himself as Sam—because he couldn’t exactly give Riley his real name, could he?
Riley has been divorced for years, and he doesn’t have time for a relationship. He has trust issues and no will to get over them, not when his daughter is the center of his life. Then a new neighbor moves in, and he’s adorably awkward and sexy. Riley tries to keep Sam at arm’s length, but he can’t help but fall in love with him, and he’s pretty sure Sam is falling for him, too.
Then Sam confesses his real name is Satan, and that he’s the king of Hell.


My second release today is Justin, book 21 in the Council Enforcers Series. It’s available on the eXtasy website for now, and will be on Amazon next week.


Second chances and new starts are hard to come by.

Justin wasn’t planning on moving to Gillham. He doesn’t have a reason, except that his best friend has just bonded with his mate and now lives there. But when Justin helps Pryderi move, he meets Pryderi’s brother, Yedley—his mate.

Yedley has no idea what he’s doing. He has a chance at a new life, but he doesn’t know where to start until Fate takes that decision away from him and puts Justin in his path. But meeting his mate doesn’t solve Yedley’s problems. Justin is there for him, but Yedley still needs to come out to his parents and find his way in life. He needs to let Justin become close, even though he’s still trying to get over his kidnapping and the time he spent with the Beasts, and he doesn’t know how to do that.

The danger the Beasts represent is still looming, and Justin is glad when his transfer request to Gillham is accepted, because it means he can be close to his mate and keep him safe. It’s a new start for both him and Yedley, but they’ll have to find their way around each other—and around their bond.


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