#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks #paranormal #mmromance Ulric, Autumn Feast anthology, Legend of the Black Dog

I have THREE releases today!

First one: Legend of the Black Dog. It’s the first book in a new series, Urban Legends, and is already available on Amazon.

Sometimes a black dog isn’t just a black dog.
Cade is fine on his own. Really, he is.
Except his PI business has taken over his life since his partner died, which is why he hires a PA. He blames Charlie for pushing him to accept the ridiculous case of a black dog terrorizing a neighborhood—and everything that happens because of it.
Fin doesn’t know what to do when his mom tells him about the huge black dog eating pets in her neighborhood. He already has more than enough problems to deal with, including having to find an apartment since his landlord is kicking him out. He can’t focus on catching this dog, and he’s not sure he wants to try, so he hires a PI. That’s the kind of job PIs do, right?
The case is ridiculous, but also strange. Cade tries to convince himself that the dog is nothing more than a dog, but Fin and Charlie think the dog is a demonic entity that brings death.
And it certainly does, between the cats it ate and the poor man who dies after crossing its path. But Fin wants to keep his mother safe, even if Cade won’t help him. Cade gives in when Fin, who he’s starting to care for, is almost killed, but how can he, Fin, and Charlie get rid of a dog that doesn’t seem to belong in this world?

Ulric, book 8 in the Council Assassins Series is also out today on the eXtasy website.


Love can burn like a fire—literally.

Sky was human once. Now he’s part demon, and he can’t stop himself from catching fire every time he feels strongly about something. Any emotion will do—fear, shock, arousal. Being freed from the lab he’d spent almost a year in would be a good thing if he could control his new ability, but as it is, he risks setting the warehouse and the council assassins on fire, including his mate.

Ulric can’t say he’s happy about his mate’s ability to control fire, but that’s mostly because Sky can’t control it right now. Even though Sky pushes Ulric away, he has help and people who can teach him what to do. The problem is that when it comes to Ulric, Sky doesn’t seem to be able to keep his emotions in check, and that might mean they can never be together.

Ulric is ready to do everything he can to help Sky, even if it means getting burned here and there. Sky doesn’t share that opinion, though, and he knows he has to learn control—or let Ulric go.


And finally, the Autumn Feast anthology is out today on the eXtasy website. My short is titled Halloween Sabotage–the council assassins organize a Halloween party, but as the title says, things don’t g the way they should have!


Family, friends and more spice than our shifters know what to do with in their Autumn Feast.    

The shifters move into the autumn season with anticipation of upcoming celebrations and thankful for their family and friends around them. But of course, there is always something, or someone, to add a little spice to their lives.

The Autumn Feast anthology features six more shifter stories from some of eXtasy Books’ top authors and follows the lives of those who have previously featured in Spring Fever and Winter Magic. Join them in tales where the fiery color of the leaves may not be the only heat of the season.


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