#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks #Anthology #vampires Love at Stake

The Love at Stake anthology is out today! My short is titled A Blessing in Disguise, and it’s about two lovers reuniting 🙂


Being turned into a vampire is a malediction—or a blessing in disguise.
Dryden lost everything in the late 1800s when he sacrificed himself for the man he loved—his freedom, his lover, his humanity. He’s been a prisoner and a slave since then, and he knows there’s no way out of it except death. The man who turned him won’t let him die, though, and Dryden can’t see another way out.

Morgan has been looking for Dryden ever since he volunteered to take Morgan’s place for punishment after he robbed a powerful vampire. He knew Dryden was turned into a vampire, so he did the same. He and his maker, Silvester, have been drifting around following leads since then.

And now they’ve finally found Dryden.


Like Storms is up for preorder. Release date is next week, October 11!


Love can be like a storm—dangerous and unexpected, yet soothing and powerful.

Thor needs to find someone who can grant Isaac, his best friend’s boyfriend and a human, immortality. It’s not something he’s had to worry about before, but he wants to do this for Tryg.

Cecil is running from his brother. He’s been running for decades, and he’s relieved to have an opportunity to stop for a while when Thor contacts him. He meets Thor and his friends in Brussels—and so does Fabrice, his brother.

Cecil is used to being on the run, but he’s usually alone.

Not anymore.

He’s made Isaac immortal, and Thor and Tryg want to thank him by helping him to get rid of his brother. Fabrice is powerful, though, and none of them know exactly how much, not even Cecil.

But they’re going to find out.


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