#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Elemental Union #shortstory #GLBT #paranormalromance

I have a surprise release this week! Elemental Union is a short I wrote for the Scorched Souls line for eXtasy. It’s possibly the first story in a new series, although I?ll have to see if I ever get to it and if the characters talk to me 🙂


What happens when water and fire meet?

Rhea is a fire wielder—he can create and control fire. In a world where the different element wielders were pushed away from each other because of a war, his father is working on an attempt to reunite them, at least when it comes to having business ties.

Which is the reason Rhea is kidnapped.

Quillan doesn’t like to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong, but he can’t stay back when he sees two guys pushing a third one into the trunk of car. The fact that the tied-up guy ends up being his soulmate makes everything more complicated—and right.

That is, if he and Rhea can manage their differences, since he’s a water wielder.

In other news, Lawrence, book 7 in the Council Assassins Series, is available on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Lawrence-Council-Assassins-Book-7-ebook/dp/B07V9VX9S6/

And A Demon’s Choice is up for preorder on the eXtasy website https://www.extasybooks.com/978-1-4874-2617-0-a-demons-choice/


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