#NewRelease #Historical #Gay #Romance #Titanic #KU Until the End

Until the End is out today! It’s my first self published book 🙂 it’s set on the Titanic and has a happy ending for both main characters. Unlike my books with eXtasy, this one is available on KU if you use it 🙂

London, 1912

Edward Bennett-Jacobs is leaving England. He’s following his father’s orders to marry the daughter of one of his wealthy American associates, even though the last thing he wants to do is to marry a stranger—a woman. He decides to give himself one last night of happiness, and, ignoring the danger, he brings a man back to his hotel room.

Leo Davis is leaving England. He hopes for a better life, a life that will allow him to help his family flourish. He’s travelling with his best friend, John. John knows a lot about Leo, but he doesn’t know about his secret yearning for men. Leo never intends to tell him and does his best to resist what his body wants, but when he meets Edward the night before their ship is scheduled to leave, he decides to give in one last time. New York will be a new start for him, in more ways than one.

Neither Edward nor Leo expect to see each other again. Then fate places them both on the RMS Titanic for its maiden voyage. Their relationship grows as the Titanic sails, but tragedy awaits.


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