#NewRelease @eXtasyBooks Ryan

I’ve been absent lately–sorry for that. I’ve had the flu, that then degenerated into an infection and a week-long headache. I’m taking my meds and pushing through it, but looking at screens with a headache is no fun :/ The newsletter will go out March 30 like it should anyway, so if you still haven’t subscribed, here’s the link http://eepurl.com/c-uvKn

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Sometimes things aren’t as they seem—and sometimes, they are.

Avery has been attracted to Ryan for months, but he hasn’t even talked to him yet, even though he suspects they are mates. He wants to, but his ex is in town, and Kent has the bad habit of talking with his fists when he gets angry, which is one of the reasons Avery left Salt Lake City in the first place. He needs to keep Ryan safe, even though Ryan doesn’t even know who he is, not really.

Ryan’s world was turned upside down when he scented his mate and realized she was a woman. It’s taken him weeks to find her, and when he finally manages to talk to her, it’s only to find out Avery is not a woman after all, and that he’s leaving town. He doesn’t care that Avery wears both women’s and men’s clothes. The only thing that matters is that he might lose his mate right after finally finding him.

Ryan convinces Avery to stay and hide at his house. Avery agrees because he doesn’t want to lose his mate. Ryan seemed to accept him as he is, women’s clothes and all, like no one else ever has. But Kent isn’t so easily dissuaded, and he has Avery’s father backing him. Will he manage to tear Avery and Ryan apart?



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