Out now!

Sometimes you have to accept what life gives you without questions.

Geoffrey’s life is normal—or it would be, if most of his friends weren’t members of the Gillham pack. He loves the pack, though, and when he finds an injured woman and three babies, he agrees right away to take care of the oldest one, Mingan. It’s the least he can do, and maybe it’ll help him get closer to William, his mate.

William thought he’d never trust another man, not after what his best friend and lover did to him seven years before. He tries to resist the bond that pulls him close to Geoffrey, but Geoffrey is stubborn, and he doesn’t take no for an answer.

William has no doubt Geoffrey will eventually wriggle his way into his life, but will he be able to get past the wall William built between himself and the rest of the world? What will Mingan’s presence mean for them and for their future? And what will happen when Mingan’s father tries to get him back?




2 thoughts on “Out now!

  1. I started with the Gillham pack series and then discovered you wrote the whitedell series and I was just as enchanted and hooked on this series as well. I checked under the reading order for the Gillham pack and you had a comment that their should be 25 books the same as the whitedell pride series. I can’t seem to find the last 4 books Neriah, Rabbit, Shawn and Kanan…. are the last 4 out of print in the kindell edition.


    • Hi Tamara 🙂 the reason you can’t find the last four books in the Gillham Pack Series is because they aren’t out yet. Neriah will be out on May 12, Rabbit on June 9. Shawn should be out on July 28 if everything goes as planned, and Kanan on August 25. The dates all refer to release date on Extasy Books.com, and the books are usually available on Amazon a week later.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂


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