Trevor out tomorrow + excerpt

Trevor will be out tomorrow 🙂 you can still pre-order it here  or you’ll find it here tomorrow.

Sometimes you have to get over bad memories to create new ones.

 Trevor has known who his mate was for years, but he’s so painfully shy and insecure that the most he’s done to woo him has been leaving him cupcakes on his porch. He knows he’s going to lose him if he doesn’t finally make a move, though, and with a not so gentle push from two of his friends, he calls Micah.

Micah is still dealing with bad memories from his shifter ex-boyfriend, and he’s glad when he meets Trevor. Trevor looks unassuming and sweet, and Micah is thrilled, until he finds out Trevor is just like his ex. He runs, thinking he’ll never see Trevor again.

Family and friends conspire to get Trevor and Micah together, and it works, until Micah discovers his father has been hiding a secret that could put Trevor and the entire pride in danger. Will Micah and Trevor’s fragile relationship survive, or will the past push them apart?


Micah watched the car disappear down the street and shook his head. He knew he’d find two cupcakes on the porch, and now that he’d seen the person who apparently was leaving them for him and his dad, he knew it was a man. Not a woman, like his dad thought, but a man.


Micah jerked toward his dad, who was trying to get out of the car. He was struggling, and while Micah knew he didn’t like asking for help, he also knew he’d be grateful if Micah offered. He hurried to the car, momentarily pushing away thoughts of his mysterious admirer.

“Here, let me help,” he proposed, offering his dad his hands.

His dad nodded and took them, letting Micah pull him upright. He waited until he was sure his dad was balanced to reach into the car and extract his dad’s cane. His dad made a face at it, like always, but it wasn’t like he could walk without falling on his face without it, so he took it from Micah’s hand and hobbled away.

Micah closed the door and locked the car, then hurried past his dad to open the front door. He leaned down and took the box that waited for him next to the door, and when his dad finally managed to get on the porch, he smirked at the sight.

“Your admirer left new cupcakes?” he asked.

Micah couldn’t very well hide the box, so he nodded. Besides, his admirer had been leaving the sweets every day for months. Micah’s dad would have found it weird if he hadn’t today.

“Wait, was that the reason why you shot out of the car as if your ass were on fire? Did you see her?”

Micah smirked. He liked knowing something his dad didn’t know. “Yeah, I saw the person who leaves these. Not well, but enough to know it’s not a woman.”



Micah’s dad hobbled inside and Micah followed him, closing the door after casting one last glance in the direction his admirer had taken. They ended up in the kitchen, and Micah put the cupcake box on the table as his dad sat heavily in one of the chairs. They both looked at the box.

“A man, huh?” Micah’s dad asked.


“You’re sure you don’t know who it could be? It’s been months. Why hasn’t he come forward?”

Micah took his jacket off and hung it to the back of his chair. “Maybe he doesn’t know I’m gay.”

Micah’s dad snorted. “How could he not? He knows where you live, and I’m ready to bet he knows a lot more than that. Honestly, if he didn’t merely leave you cupcakes, I’d have told you to go to the cops months ago. That guy’s a stalker.”

Micah’s dad wasn’t wrong. In the beginning, Micah had found it fun, and the cupcakes were good. He and his dad didn’t usually eat sweets, but they always ate the ones left for them by Micah’s admirer. He’d even started leaving two cupcakes when Micah’s father had moved in with him. That meant the guy was at the least spying on Micah.

“What do you think I should do?” Micah asked, opening the box.

The cupcakes were chocolate, with whipped cream on top and a red cherry. Micah slid the box toward his dad and his dad took one of the cupcakes. “Well, as much as I enjoy the cupcakes, don’t you think it’s time you did something?”

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