Delevan on pre-order+ excerpt

Extasy Books just created the pre-order feature, so you can pre-order Delevan 🙂

Delevan will be out on May 1st.

I think almost everyone will be happy to know Nysys kinda got out of hand in this book. There’s a lot of talk about dildos and life-sized sex dolls…

It’s possible to find love even in a time of war.

 Delevan has seen almost everyone in the pride find their mate and live happily ever after, and he’s tired of waiting for his turn. He might be happier than he’s ever been before, but he’s still missing something, and he wants to find it.

The last thing Blair expected when he moved to Whitedell to train was to meet his mate, and he certainly didn’t expect to be paired to Alpha Dominic Nash’s son. Not only is Blair a bit intimidated by Alpha Nash, but he’s also committed an unpardonable faux pas—before meeting Delevan, he slept with Benjamin, one of the few single pride members.

Before Delevan and Blair manage to dissipate the tension between them, the mole finally reveals himself and puts Delevan’s life in danger. Delevan survives, but how will what happened to him, and the mole’s identity, influence his relationship with Blair? Will Delevan finally find the piece he’s been missing, or will he lose everything to the hunters?


The tension was broken, but it didn’t mean everyone around the table was happy. Blair certainly didn’t look like he was, and doubts already filled Delevan’s mind. Why did Blair look like he wanted to run? Was it only because of who Delevan’s father was?

Blair had seemed enthusiastic when they’d kissed, but that didn’t have to mean something. Maybe he just liked kissing. What Delevan needed was to talk to Blair, but he couldn’t exactly do that right that moent. He’d have to wait until everyone left the kitchen.

Of course, Nysys decided to take roots there.

Delevan’s dad had paused next to him before going back to his office and had told him they’d talk later that evening. Delevan had hoped he’d have time to talk to Blair as they cleaned up the kitchen, but Nysys and Ani had decided to stay, and now the four of them were putting away bottles of water and soda and loading the dishwasher. The only one talking was Nysys, and Delevan made an effort to focus on what he was saying, only to regret it as soon as he did.

“And I swear it’s in the shape of the Eiffel tower. I mean, how does that even work? Which part of it do you put in?”

Delevan and Ani looked at each other. Delevan leaned toward his dad’s mate. “What’s he talking about?”

“Oh, I’m not about to tell you. If you want to know, ask him.”

“I’m afraid to.”

Ani laughed. “And you should be.”

Nysys was still talking, unaware—or more probably, uncaring—of Ani and Delevan’s conversation. Blair was silently washing the pot Delevan had used for the sauce, and he looked lost in his thoughts. Delevan decided to give him a while to get used to it. It wasn’t like they could talk about anything in front of Nysys anyway, not if they wanted to keep it private and didn’t want advice on it.

“I don’t know, I think I like the golden one better,” Nysys said. “But the pink would go well with my hair.”

Delevan bundled up the last of the dirty napkins and took the leap. “What are you talking about?”

Nysys furrowed his brow. “Still about the dildos. Why? Did you miss something?”

Delevan opened his mouth. He closed it again, unsure of what he could say. “Dildos? I’m pretty sure you were talking about the Eiffel tower.”

Nysys brought the last plate to Ani, who took it from him. “Well, yeah. That was kind of the point. What color do you think I should get it?”

“Wait. How can dildos and the Eiffel tower go together?” And did Delevan really want to know that?

Nysys rolled his eyes. “You weren’t listening to me.”

“Err, maybe I had other stuff on my mind.”

Both he and Nysys looked at Blair, who was still scrubbing the pot, like he’d been for the past ten minutes.

“Do you think he’ll eventually dig a hole in it?” Nysys asked. “Maybe we should take the poor pot away from him.”

“Nah, let him scrub,” Ani intervened. “We can get the pot when we’re done putting everything away and you’ve explained about the dildos and the Eiffel tower.”

Nysys’ eyes sparkled. “Oh, you’ll want to hear this.” He frowned. “Again. Well, obviously no one was listening to me. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut and my secrets secret.”

Delevan snorted. “As if you’re able to do that.”

“I am!” Nysys pressed his lips together and Delevan started counting in his mind. He’d gotten to ten when Nysys abruptly exhaled. “Yeah, okay, maybe I’m not. So? Morin doesn’t seem to mind my mouth.” He winked, and Delevan decided he wasn’t going to ask. He already had too many unwanted images of Nysys in his mind as it was.

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